Multiple profile postcrossers

But there are multiple profilers who have sent thousands in both/all accounts, active at same times.
Of those that I’ve gotten, these seem mostly be “collectors”. (So they like stamps or certain series.)

One member told they keep different profile text, so they get different styles of cards. That’s actually nice.
I sometimes think, I could do a test profile, and keep it empty, to see what kind of cards I get.
Or, only send hand made ones, to see what kind of Hurrays I get.
Of course I can do this test with my one profile only, and do certain time test.

I know it’s tolerated to keep multiple accounts if they handle both/all.

What if there is trouble getting mail?
In both/all accounts (obviously)?
Will then all others be closed and they can keep the one?

Because, if they are allowed to keep all, then there are members sending cards when it’s admitted there is trouble getting the mail. And what is the point if they need to ask the team to register all/most cards?

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Hello! I’ve been in Postcrossing for a couple of years and ran across something new. It appears the same person sent me two cards on the same day from different accounts. It was driving me crazy because I kept looking at a card thinking “wait- didn’t I just register this one?” As you can see even though the card pictures are very different on the front, the backs are identical. The IDs and account names are different. So issue #1 is an individual having 2 accounts. I don’t really understand why you would do that as once you get into the swing of things there’s plenty of ways through the main website or the forum to get your postcard sending fix. Issue #2 is what are the chances that an individual with 2 accounts would get my name in both of his accounts at the same time? Just thought it was unusual- Happy Postcrossing everyone!


This user may have opened two accounts hoping to receive more postcards from others, but since he matched you twice but didn’t write two different ones, it’s really incomprehensible.
I saw a gentleman on other websites whose behavior may surprise you. He set his ID address in Hong Kong, but he sent postcards in Chinese Mainland. The Chinese Mainland players he matched basically didn’t want to receive postcards from their own players, and the option of “receiving postcards from local players” was also turned off. Perhaps this gentleman did so because it was more convenient to send postcards in Chinese Mainland than in Hong Kong. When we kindly reminded him not to do so, he repeatedly sophistried, saying that “PC regulations require everyone to register postcards received”. He has 7 or 8 accounts on this website, each doing the same, and every postcard he sends is a thin and soft pirated postcard without copyright.
Wishing you the postcard you like!


I started to think something and was surprised I didn’t find discussions of this.

Multiple profiles are tolerated.
What if the multiple profiler takes part in the forum?
Should they only use one account, or can they write from different accounts? Even join swaps with their different accounts (like when you can’t tag repeatedly, but some amount needs to be in the middle of “you”)?

If one has multiple accounts, they don’t need to tell they have another, so they could also here use multiple profiles?

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What part is the lie?
We are allowed to send cards from other countries.
And you should register cards you get.
If they are illegal etc. you should report the profiles and Postcrossing team will look what they can do, but the sad truth is, there are so many pirated cards (and other products used), I don’t know what could be done to that :frowning: (edit. or if it’s some other swap place, of course by their rules then)

I registered his postcard, even though I don’t like it. I know this is a postcrossing rule.

It might be , Sophistry

Now I’m confused, was it a Postcrossing member and multiple Postcrossing profiles, or some other swap place?

I don’t see any received from Hong Kong in your received?

So if it’s another swapping place, there’s no use to write about it here, because we don’t know the rules there :slight_smile: and of course there you don’t need to follow Postcrossing rules, but always the rules in given place.


It was on a different platform.

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Yes, I first thought they were talking about Postcrossing on another website. But then, was it another postcard swapping site :thinking:

but these make it sound it was postcrossing after all:

Because if it’s not Postcrossing, why think Postcrossing rules, the Hong Kong member, and this receiver, both.

Maybe someone has copied the whole project with rules and all, can be. (Then it would be funny to complain about pirated card, on a “pirated” card swap place, and even talk about postcrossing rules :smile: )

I’m curious.
But yes, I think everywhere with blind swap partner, occassional card that is not so perfect will happen. I hope @Aaron-Alison will get super great cards next, to forget the one they didn’t like :slight_smile:

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I’d like it if a Postcrosser had two accounts, one registered to “Dr. Jekyll,” the other registered to “Mr. Hyde,” so that Dr. Jekyll could demand; “absolutely NO cat cards, all cards MUST be in envelopes, write something more than just Happy Postcrossing!”
Mr. Hyde could demand “absolutely ONLY cat cards, NO cards in envelopes, write nothing more than Happy Postcrossing!”
The best of both worlds.


I’d send a mouse card to Mr. Hyde, as food for the cat cards. :smile:


To answer your second question; it seems when we go into the pool of people who can be drawn, often times all due cards go in a the same time. Therefore, if someone is requesting addresses from two accounts at the same time, you risk ending up being drawn by both of them, as the algorithm has decided it’s your turn to be picked.


The last days I draw an adress of a member, who wrote on his/her profile, this is his/her second profile.
But since the account was created over a decade ago, it’s okay, I think.
I read about some people saw people with more than one account. But it’s written in the guidelines, that it’s not welcomed, but also not forbidden.

What if a user has four profiles? Isn’t that being just a bit too greedy? I’ve come across a user with four accounts.


Doesn’t that mean they have to spend 4x to receive maximum cards?


I used to wonder if multiple profile users sometimes did it to enter into forum lotteries multiple times for better chances. That’s unfair to the others who only enter once.

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I recently received two postcards from the same person who has two profiles; received the cards a few days apart. They even wrote the exact same message on both cards, word for word, and the same name. Their two profiles are very, very similar too, and they created the profiles years ago during the same month.
I know this screws up the algorithm. I did send a message to the admins. Now I just move on. I feel sorry for any new members who this happens to though.
I think if people are going to have multiple profiles, at least they should make it interesting for the rest of us who play by the rules. Different messages, different profile, etc.


@barryoc Were they on Postcrossing? If so, thats a good question to ask the admins.