Moving to another country

2 years ago I’ve moved from Poland to Switzerland. Few months ago I came back to Postcrossing and I’ve started sending postcards from Switzerland (btw. prices for stamps are quite the same so it shows how expensive they are in Poland). Today I’ve analyzed my stats and I’ve realized I’ve never sent the postcard to Poland and never received the postcard from Poland as well. Is it blocked somehow? It’s quite weird for me that from the list of the most popular countries on Postcrossing my homeland is the first one that is missing on my sent & received list.

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I know that on other Swiss accounts there are some exchanges with Polish users, but I am asking if I moved from Poland to Switzerland, is it possible that I can send postcards to people from Poland? To the same region where I lived before for example?
I’m asking and curious because once I read some information we cannot send the postcard to someone who lives near where you live - how does it work when you travel or move from one city/country to another.

The ranking of Poland comes from all the years. Poland used to be common, but isn’t anymore.

In some other thread, I looked at a person who had been active over ten years ago and now, sending around same amount. Earlier they received around 50 to and from Poland, now only 3.

It’s now a rare country, so you just didn’t get an address there, or card from there.

You can only block the country you live in now, so it doesn’t matter where you used to live.

There are restrictions. If I remember them corectly:

  • if you send to your own country, you won’t send to someone in you own area/city.
  • if it is not possible to send to a certain country, then you won’t receive an address for that country.
  • moving doesn’t mean you can’t send to your old country or area. You have an new address, so a new area/city.
  • However, I am not suren about the own area/city part if you are sending in travelmode.

Poland is maybe 11th on the ranking list for send cards, but this is overall, so since the beginning and not in the last X days. So more than 70% of the send cards are from countries ranking higher. Number of members it is ranking 8th overall.

I have send 1.800 cards in 17 years and about 50 of those are to Poland. In 2010 I’ve send 8 cards to Poland (of a year total of 160) in 2011 and 13 in 2011 (201 cards)! In the years after that, I send less cards to poland with similair number send cards, 4-6. After 2013 the number dropped to 1-2, but I also send less cards, so that is not surprising. 2019 was a good year, I send 235 cards and only 2 to Poland.

My guess is that or there are less cards send from/to Poland or because there are more members in other countries, you are simply less likely to get an address from there. I mean, when I started, Finland was a regular, now it is pretty rare.