Movies about postcrossing

Hi guys,
does anyone happen to know any movies about postcrossing (or where one of the characters is a postcrosser) or something really close to the topic? :slight_smile:

Postcards from the Edge

The Postman Always Rings Twice

You’ve Got Mail’ve_Got_Mail

The Postcard Killings


The Round Robin Movie



Those are movies that mention Postcrossing or just postcards in general?

I’ve actually seen Tag, and it’s nothing to do with Postcrossing or mail - it’s about a real life game of tag.

I think many people have seen You Got Mail, and since this is about online chatrooms and email relationships, I also don’t see it in this category?

Couldn’t find anything about the Round Robin Movie, but the movie poster on imdb suggests it’s about partying rather than exchanging postcards…

I watched You’ve Got Mail and Tag.
You’ve Got Mail was produced before Paulo created Postcrossing.
And I don’t remember at all that Postcrossing or even postcard was mentioned in Tag movie.

Well, it was a light-hearted response to what I assumed was a light-hearted question, which says “…or something really close to the topic”.

So sorry if I’m too flippant! :upside_down_face:


A recent Postcrossing blog:


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Going back to the original question:

If Postcrossing :tm: had been in a movie, then we’d all know about it, because they’d have had to seek Paulo & Ana’s permission, and it would have been all over the blog on main website, and here, methinks. :laughing:

Postman’s Knock

A rare British comedy film about a super efficient postman and how his diligence got him in trouble

No Postcrossing but plenty of postal stuff to look at

I have yet to see The Postcard Killings but I read that it does focus on postcards albeit ones you probably don’t want…

I think that ‘Going postal’ is pretty much the movie about the spirit of postcrossing.

Especially the advertising Moist’s speech:

  • Can you seal it with a loving kiss? can you cry tears onto a clacks, can you smell it, can you enclose a pressed flower? A letter is more than just a message.

And all the stuff with post being ineffective and its competition with internet (clacks)

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An Honorable Mention to the movie Charade with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. Spoiler alert: The missing fortune is invested in an expensive and rare postage stamp! I found myself wishing Alfred Hitchcock had lingered a bit longer on all the stamps both at the open air market and at the stamp collector’s desk.