Move abroad

Can I keep my account, when I move to another country ? Thanks for answer.

Yes! :slight_smile:

Source: Help and F.A.Q.

I want to move from one country to another. Your answer is only for national moving not international.
Is it also possible for international moving ?

Yes, the answer is not only for national moving, but international as well. You can update your whole address including the country in your settings.

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Thank you very much.

Hello dear @-42- ,

I’m moving

I moved from the US to Canada a few years ago, and had no problems updating my address between the 2 countries. The only thing that I recommend doing is turning your account to inactive mode a few months before hand (you can still send, but won’t receive postcards until you put your account in active mode). Good luck on your move. :smiley:


Thank you so much for your help.