Motto for Postcrossing?

Hello! I just found and sent a card which IMHO featured an apposite motto for Postcrossing! It featured a quote from the Odyssey: “Sweet is our gift, yet small” (section 14:56 in the Worsley translation, if you are a geek like me: the card is from the ‘Bibliophilia’ set)

Does anyone have any other ideas for a card which summarises the essence of Postcrossing for them?

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Thursday, April 27, 2023 - 23:11 (UTC -5)

Hello, Charles:

I don’t know about an idea for or from a card. Nor “for them”, that is to say, derived from the subjectivity of any individual Postcrosser or a group or even all Postcrossers.

But I’m willing to walk along with you to try to come up with a Postcrossing Motto to express the essence of the project objectively. Why? It might be useful when promoting Postcrossing to people who have yet to participate in it.

Some things to consider…

I’m a Latin guy myself. (Four straight-A years in high school. Loved it. Missed out on Greek.)

So whatever we come up with, let’s think about putting it in Latin, too, just to give it a spin. Confers a little dignity/seriousness/gravitas. Like the difference between the 23rd Olympiad and the XXIII Olympiad (ahh).

For those who might not be hip to things “Motto” (as opposed to “Moto”, the Motorola cell phone model), please see here => Motto - Wikipedia. Not bad.

I was thinking about this recently and searched for “Motto” here before opening up a new Topic. Great minds think alike :slight_smile:

Judging by the overwhelming response you’ve received on this, I’d say either we (you and I) don’t have enough to do or everyone else on the Forum has too much to do. NOT. Maybe. Whatever. :slight_smile:

It should be pithy. Short. Punchy.

At first, I was thinking of the general '60s vibe of Postcrossing. A VW Microbus covered in pastel flowers. Peace, Love, and the Brotherhood of Man.

But that would never fly. Maybe Peace and Love. But what about the Sisterhood of Womankind? Unity. Solidarity. No and no. Of whom? Autonomous bipeds? Nope. Oh, well.

How about that pop-up message you see once in a while here? “Connection, not Collection.” Nah. Too negative.

To go is to return. Kind of a Zen vibe. Like “Send One, Get One”. Functional but without affect. No.

Something’s starting to come into view. But let’s let the Jello set before picking up our spoons.

Until next time.

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Hello, Charles and Michael.

I shall follow this with interest, as i have been dwelling on this very thought since joining Postcrossing almost a year ago.

Bring on the mottos!


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I have written it on envelopes before (when asked to send cards in that manner):

postcrossing … connecting people since 2005


Don’t we already have a motto?

We can read it in the Postcrossing History and often at the end of blog posts:

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 07-35-31 Postcrossing History


Monday, May 1, 2023 - 09:01 (UTC -5)

Good morning, Bille:

If I totally agree with you and cheer “One Postcard at a Time” as the best Postcrossing motto ever, and even translate it into Latin for you, will you go and congratulate me on my 1000th Card Sent?

All the best,