More newbie questions

I joined postcrossing at the beginning of January and was not able to find out the following:

  1. What kind of cards appear in the (general) photogallery? As I haven’t seen any of the cards I sent or received maybe only the favourite ones?

  2. That brings me directly to my second question: What is behind the favourites on users’ walls? I saw profiles with all received cards as favourites, other seem to choose the card they like best and some list the card they would like to receive (probably seen in the gallery). Is there a best way to handle this or is it up to yo?

  3. Am I correct that there is no way to find out abut the senders profile before you click on the register postcard button ( maybe after entering the postcard id). Sometimes I like to keep the answer a bit more personal and it would be helpful to know a little more about the person I say thank you to.

Sorry if these questions are already answered somewhere. I was not able to find it.

Thank you all


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there are more questions of a newbie in that Topic

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s a random sample of cards recently registered on the website.

  2. Favourites are the cards you clicked on with a heart, when browsing the general gallery, or were lead to specific users because you hearted one of their cards. It’s entirely up to you whether you heart cards you would like to receive or just like: there’s no rule about this.

  3. Yes, you can’t find a sender’s profile before registering their card, but you may be able to track it down if they provide enough clues on their card, such as their username and location. You can try this with Explore > Search and fill in the resultant screen. Sometimes it works.

The next person to reply to you will probably add that you can always message them (=send them an email) once you’ve got their profile in front of you after registering the card anyway. I used to do that if I couldn’t read their handwritten name, but now I don’t bother.



I don’t favourite the cards I receive generally - I like them all, but other cards I see through the gallery or elsewhere that I like.

I too wanted to write a more personal thank you, so I ask people on my profile to add their ID name to their card so I can do this - it helped a bit, about 1/3 of people do it now I find.

I’ve always wondered about the process for selection, whether there’s a screening algorithm or manual intervention. I say that because no adult/controversial cards have made the cut (at least in my observation), and that can’t be 100% coincidence.

Hello @sonja0706, welcome to the Postcrossing community!

If you don’t mind reading in German, I think some of your questions will be answered here:

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Oh yes they have. I was so appalled at one that I immediately reported it.

Yes…i do write The normal thank you. Sometimes shorter Sometimes longer ( depending on What and how much was written on The Card) and when i have read the profile Afterwards and think i would Like to Tell The writer more i simply send an Other Message over that Page… Not very often but Sometimes!

I’ve recently got a profile that kindly asked for including the Postcrossing ID on the card, probably because of the same reason you mentioned. Maybe that’s an option for you as well?

Thank you very much to everyone. Really most helpful.

Two questions,

In my first few cards I received a blanco card. I emailed the sender but noting in return about the question what I have to do with de blanco card.

Second, what is normal to do, upload the picture from the post card before mailing or when you receive one.

thank you

The blanco cards was an extra in an envelope? My guess is that the blanco card is an additional welcome gift. Somer users have lots of cards, so sometimes they are happy to give some away, esp. to beginners.

There is no exact rule in regard to uploading. Neither sender nor receiver is obliged to upload. Once a card is registered, only the recipient can upload the picture. So if you want your sent-gallery to be (almost*) complete, it’s recommended to upload yourself. Also, of course, it spares the recipient some time, if they want a kind-of-complete gallery.
But as said - there is no exact rule/standard.

fyi * a recipient can delete your upload any time they want for whatever reason **, so even if you upload, you don’t have a guarantee that your sent-gallery will be complete.

**if this happens, best to make your peace with it, as it is within the rules, even when some see it as impolite

Thanks for the help Stevyy

No, it was just a extra card send, (had a normal one from this sender too), with a sticker with only with my adres and a return adres.

Thanks for the explanation of the uploads on pictures. Thanks so much

That’s strange. Maybe the sender sent you this card and then realized afterwards that they had sent you a blank card so they decided to write you another one?

Not a clue either Incrou7

Well, DE-10106913 just came up on recent postcards on the front page, so definitely not removing adult images manually

I have questions about meet ups (meet-ups, meetups; not sure of correct wording): is there a discussion elsewhere in the forum giving details about them for us newbies? I’ve searched some, and haven’t seen it. I started PC last September; there was a meet up in my area in October, but I was unable to attend. Do attendees save up signing up for official cards, so that they can send a large amount at the meeting? What generally are the activities common to meet ups throughout the PC community? As I said, if there is a general discussion elsewhere, please direct me. Thanks!



Hi! I’m pretty sure all of the postcards appear in the gallery, but there is a delay and they do not appear right away. For example I received a message that my card had reached it’s destination, and now, almost two hours later it can be seen in the gallery :slight_smile:

Sorry if my questions are dumb. I’m still getting familiar with the way how the forum works.

  1. There seems to be some unwritten rules (or written but I haven’t found yet?). For example, sometimes “liked” in private messages means “get it”, can I have more advices about something like this?

  2. After I send out the tag card for someone, should I inform them by sending a message? or just wait for the card to arrive? (I see some who tagged me does and some doesn’t, it gets me confused)

  3. How frequently is it allowed to tag the same member? (I often see posts saying “I have your address”, but fear if I tag someone repeatedly it may get them bored). And is it allowed to tag back someone who tags you, or is it considered impolite?

Thank you!