Mobile layout looks weird

I wonder what I did or what happened… I’m using mobile and having so much trouble… First I no longer can see “myself” at the top right corner. It is the same if use PC Forum mode or at browser page

It only appears if I turn my phone

Also writing this message was hard because I can not see the whole right side of this box and when I tried to cancel writing, this happened

Hard to press buttons if you can not see them :smile:

There is more. I can not see anymore that amount of messages like 12/68 at the blue backgroung color at the down right corner.

This is really weird…

Go back to the mobile version. Not desktop view


@beatitudinem That was it! I wonder how and why I have changed that… Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It looks like you activated desktop mode. Either in your browser or in the forum itself. In the forum software you find it in the burger menu at the bottom right. In you browser you’ll usually have 3 dots (in the upper right corner) where you can find the option.

edit: sorry, should have read further before replying :see_no_evil:

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Yes, I finally found it. I only looked that in browser it was not on, but there was that setting here too.