Missing U.S. States

Hi Everyone!
I teach 4th grade and love sharing postcrossing with my students. In fact, anytime I travel I send each student a card or bring one back. Our postcrossing community has been so gracious and I can’t even count how many people have sent not the required one card, but a whole class set to us. My kids are so excited when I start our morning with a stack of cards and ask if someone sent everyone a card. So thank you for that!!!
Anyways, I am reaching out because we are working on collecting all 50 states. I might have bragged to my kids that 2 of my past classes were able to collect all the states, so of course we need to do the same.
At the moment we are missing the following states and would so appreciate any kind of postcard from you!
North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kentucky, Vermont and Delaware

If you are able to help us meet our goal please reach out and I will happily give you our address.
Thank you so much!!


I can send you (4) postcards from those states…Unwritten. I can even make them Map Postcards. I think these are very educational. If this sounds good, please send me your address by PM.

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I will be to help. Please PM me your address.

I can’t help with US states, but I appreciate your work and effort. You just registered my official card. If I can be of service with another card feel free to contact me.

I will send you one from Vermont. Let me know if you want me too. Laurinda

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I can absolutely send one from Iowa!

How to do
Pls suggest

@smgokul I never received your address by private message.

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please do not make it public here, but use the PM system of the forum instead.

Would you like Washington D.C.?

I can do Kentucky. If you’re still interested you can dm me