Missing postcard

Should I resend a postcard? It is nearing a month since I sent it. I’m new to this hobby

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No , don’t resend one. This is not a long time for a card to arrive , some take much longer. Patience is essential on Postcrossing, difficult I know !


Depending on the country, it may take longer, sometimes beyond 60 days. With Postcrossing you have to be patient. Even if it’s hard, especially in the beginning.


Thank you. I didn’t want the person to think I never sent it. How do I know if I’m on anyones list? I assume it will be a while.

The incoming postcards are always a surprise. You will not know anything before a card shows up in your mailbox :slight_smile: Also the person who you sent your card to doesn’t know they will be receiving a card specifically from you.

Your first card was registered as received on October 11th, so that is when your address went into the pool to be chosen by someone. It’s close to 3 weeks now, so I think you will receive your first postcard soon :slight_smile:


The problem is not with the mail, it’s that when you first start Postcrossing, it often takes a while until you start getting a lot of fun cards. But already you have found your way to the Forum, and that’s where you can solve any problems with impatience! There are lots of Tags and Lotteries and other fun games which have a faster response time. So look at the Tags Directory, for example, https://community.postcrossing.com/t/tags-directory/142/11 and try whatever sounds like fun. And for even faster responses, since you are in the US, look at Tags and Round Robins in the North American section North America - Postcrossing Community where mail is faster than overseas.

Welcome to Postcrossing - there are so many ways to reach out and connect!