Missing Postcard ID // Changua Ching Cheng senior high school Taiwan

I have received a postcard from a student at this school It has no ID. It may have been posted in 2020.

Is there anyone in the forum who is a representative of the school? Can you help me thank the student?

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Hi @xxxxyyyyzzzz,
there are several schools in Taiwan participating in Postcrossing so it might be an official postcard. The Postcrossing team can help you to search a missing ID, simply fill in this form, you will get a notice when the ID is found.

The card was postmarked recently (seven days ago), as the year 111 in the Minguo calendar is 2022 in the Gregorian calendar.

If you need more information, check out this topic (there are several others in the forum):

Many thanks for your help.
I had already referred it to Postcrossing for an ID search, so hope to get news soon.
The information about the dat on the franking is really helpful. I will add it to the information fir the admin team. Are you able to read the exact date?

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I think it’s 111.-1.-6 -20, so the 6th Jan, 2022 at 8pm.


In addition to the official answer, you may explore users from Chang-hua, Taiwan, Taiwan via the official search engine and see the possible sender. This way works for me.