Missing link to "MAP" on the main page

Every time I go to the main page to open the map, I miss the link to it in the drop down menu.
I would find it helpful if I didn’t have to call up another page from the drop-down menu first, but could call up the map immediately.



I agree, that would be very helpful. Having to go somewhere else before we can see our map seems unnecessarily circuitous.

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If we are talking about the map of where you have sent to and received from, I have another problem with it: could we adjust it to make it possible to be dragged with only one finger? When I am dealing with the map in the page of “postcard is traveling to XXX, YYYY km”(or something, I couldn’t remember it), I could drag it with one finger, but I have to use 2 fingers to do it when checking the “map” in my account page.

Yes, it would be easier if there would be a button in the drop down menu. :+1:

You can start a kind of signature campaign or endorsement campaign here. How many do you have to get together for Postcrossing to insert this button? :thinking:

No, I don’t think that makes sense, because I don’t know if it’s feasible and with how much effort and costs.
Maybe there is a reason why there is no link to the map .

If it is feasible, maybe it will be included in one of the next updates of the main page, and if not, it is not the end of the world (although I would like it to be, of course ).

There are so many suggestions here and it has to be decided, what is useful and what of that is doable in terms of time and budget.

We’ll just wait, because we’ve all learned to be patient :wink:


Not sure anymore why we didn’t add the map entry in top menu — maybe because map is a bit different since you can’t see it in other people’s profile. Anyway, I don’t see any downside and it’s a trivial change, so, done! :slight_smile:


Thank you, Paulo :slightly_smiling_face: