Missing feature: remark field on postcards

I suggest implementing the feature: remark field for postcard

There shall be an additional field, where the account owner can put remarks to a postcard. This should be visible only to the author of the remark / owner of the postcard (if such a concept of ownership exists in the postcrossing system), i.e. the sender of the card or the receiver (whoever is the author)

The remark field may be used for things like “did use an envelope”, “put special stamp xyz on the card”, “got thank you card”, “did file the card in album 123” and so in. I guess the community will find/has a lot of ideas.

The remark field shall be visible and editable especially in list views like postcards “Travelling”, “Sent”, “Received”.

It would be great if that feature could be implemented and I will gladly provide more input if needed.

Or you could just use your own personal spreadsheet.

Oh, or you could copy the thank you messages from the Hurray Mails into that field as well! I love them so much and have been thinking about how to file them. Of course it would be best to have them with the postcard they refer to. But if I create my own album, I either end up with a huge digital file or printing pictures of the postcards to put them with the printed thank you messages.
With the suggested feature I wouldn’t need to create my own system, which would mostly just be a repetition of the system that postcrossing.com already provides.
@vauka, I think this is a great idea.

Personally I think this is a Bad Idea. ATM people can write whatever they want on the Hurray message, knowing that no one will read it apart from the sender. If these remarks were made public, it would greatly inhibit people from having “chats” (as I have done, many times) about things unconnected to the postcard. It would also put all the “thanks for the postcard” up on view > more unnecessary forum debates about how “rude” some people are.


Based on the original post, idea is not to make them public, but visible only to sender/receiver.

OK, having re-read the original post, I find this idea a real muddle.

Either the sender or the receiver (it’s not clear which) should have an extra field to include details. It’s probably the sender, since “Travelling” is included. Therefore, why is “Received” included also?

This extra field should be for things such as use of envelope, which stamps. So it’s the sender. Then it switches to “did file the card in album 123”, so it’s the receiver. Unless he means “did file the scan of the card…” in which case it’s the sender.

Why should postcrossing, which is so busy already, put in the hours to help people with extra fiddly details like this, when all that is required is to send a postcard and register those sent? Surely a note book is all that is necessary? :puzzled:


Thank you all for your comments so far. As we see, there are so many use cases; one can’t imagine every case right now.

regarding private/public; to make my intention quite clear: the remark must not be public; it shall be visibe only to the author of the remark. even not for the other person involved in that particular postcrossing.

it my post some minutes ago I made it more precise: it shall be a private field.

and the idea of the remark field is: Me as a postcrosser have this field on every single postcard I deal with, either I am the sender or I am the receiver.
if it is technically too challenging to implement it that way, I prefer to have it as sender. the use cases I mentioned like ‘envelope’ or ‘album’ are just examples…

well, and a notebook is definitely not all it needs, neither is it a personal spreadsheet like suggested by @borealis . like @industria points out: these would be a copy of the data and the mimic in postcrossing’s system.
[to be honest: I have such an excel system and that’s a muddle with all the redundancy of the data and the manual work to keep the status consistent.]

Why is it more work writing a note in a spreadsheet than in a field on the site? And if the data is redundant, why do you want to keep it in the first place?


I also think all these features are unnecessary, because not all members would be interested in using them (I don’t keep records, spreadsheets, anything, only what is on the website - I never felt the need for more).
I have become aware that some have extra filing systems (which is also uncomfortable to some people, it is some form of personal data after all, depending on what you note down) but to me they are unnecessary. Sure, we wouldn’t be forced to use them and can ignore them after all, but what is ingenious about Postcrossing is how (almost) everything works like clockwork and the extras are really for the most keen users.

It would also make the site more confusing for newbies, I feel. I think it is very clear now, and again, amazingly ingenious, though some find it confusing at first sight (maybe also due to language if their English is basic). Until I read the part whereby this would be private, I was wondering what is the difference with the Comments section (which I think very few people use). Or actually people can put a description of the postcard, I never do it, but doesn’t it serve the same purpose? Only that it’s public? You can write on that “this card came today with nice stamps” and it shouldn’t be controversial to have it public, you are not insulting those whose stamps are less nice, I think.