Missents/Postal markings

I was curious if any Postcrossers have received delayed-delivery postcards that have been stamped with an explanation for their delay? For example, my penpal in Siberia recently received a postcard from The Netherlands that took 358 days to reach her. The card was stamped “MISSENT TO MALAYSIA.”
In past decades, it was fairly common to receive delayed mail stamped with such notifications. I believe these days, it is not so common; the post offices tend to just re-route the delayed mail without providing an explanation for the delay. At any rate, such postal markings add another level of interest to postcards; many philatelists specifically like to collect such material. Jeffbh


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Hi @jeffbh! Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: As other people have already pointed out, there are a couple of topics already about this subject, so I’m going to close this one. Please check them out — you’ll see a variety of stamped "Missent to… " messages with curious transit destinations!

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