Misplaced postcards *I FOUND THEM..ALL REGISTERED *

I have lost some postcards i havent registered yet. :confused: I was going away for a long weekend the mail arrived and I put the postcards in my diary to register when I got to where i was going and now cant find them.
One was wpd swap but the rest I cant remember.
What do i do?:tired_face::tired_face:


when you go to the register a card you will see the link of missing id, if you but all the info there, the moderators can find cards that were sent to you.


I have no idea who they were from or where thats the problem

Maybe you could put a short note explaining in your profile and then if the senders
click, they will see it and could send you a message via postcrossing.


Thanks Ive just done this. They may turn up but Ive searched everywhere and rang where I stayed as well.

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i once thought i had lost some cards as well. turned out i put them on the same pile as the cards i was gonna send out so i sent those cards to myself again.
thought i was going crazy for a minute but luckily i figured it out soon enough :sweat_smile:

i have no tips though. they will probably pop up somewhere and when you least expect it (but that helps you nothing now, i know).


Do you participate in any forum tabs, swaps or round robins, etc? Or were these all official cards?
Did they get lost recently, or has it been weeks or months?

My suggestion is to stop drawing official addresses to send out for at least a month (or longer if you can stand it), because that will stop the process of your name/address being given out, relatively speaking. Keep registering any cards you receive. Eventually those missing cards will be the only ones not registered.
At which point, I think an admin can assist in helping to figure out which cards were lost, because all the other cards sent to you will have been registered in the upcoming 4-6 weeks.
Hope this makes sense!


I forgot to say I also like the idea of adding a note in your profile mentioning this too. This is a good idea!


They were official cards apart from one…hoping they get posted bavk to me as i cant figure out where i lost them…

In order to help I suggest you update your profile, explaining your “lost” cards. Some senders keep checking profiles if cards do not get registered and might contact you. Maybe if they send a picture of their card you might remember if you had received it. Then you can register.

It is not possible to upload a picture of the card in a message.

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Do you remember how many cards there were, and/or any of the image side? Like if it were a view, painting etc. You could describe those in your profile too.

And, I think those who sent to you very recently, are out of the possible senders.
I think the postcrossing team still could maybe help. These cards are likely sent on early October, or September, and looking at your numbers there shouldn’t be very many such travelling to you.

And I would still look through the diary page by page, under cover slips (if there are such), in your bag, other books or notebooks if you had such, magazine. I know you maybe done all this, but sometimes it just appears where one already looked. Also I would ring to the place where you went.

Lets hope you will find those!

In Postcrossing not - only in Forum, correct. But you can exchange mail address.

@kiwijanine I don’t like to spoil surprises but one was from me apparently. 103 days traveling today :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve attached how it looks like if it helps.


I had the same thing happen earlier this year so I feel your pain. Mine was only one card though and I kind of remembered the picture to ask for help however, the person must not have uploaded the photo because the moderators were unable to help me. I still feel horrible that someone has an expired card because I was in a rush and misplaced it. I’m still hopeful that when I least expect it it will turn up.

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It wasnt this but message me will sort it out. When i moved in may postcrossing registered some postcards for me that had been travelling for nearly a year from taiwan.

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Mine were like 4. One was a swap. Its really annoying Ive backtracked everywhere.

To piggyback on Selena’s excellent suggestion above, I think an even better option would be to set your account to “inactive.” Doing so would immediately put a pause on your address being given out (even as your outgoing traveling cards get registered) while still allowing you to send cards normally in the meantime.

Wait maybe a month for most cards already on their way to you to arrive, then ask Postcrossing support to help either find or automatically register the lost cards. When you set your account back to “active” you will receive any cards you are due, so you don’t miss out on so much Postcrossing that way :slightly_smiling_face:

And for the swap, all you can do is look back through your messages and try to figure out which one it was, which I assume you’ve already done. At least with a swap, the odds are higher that the sender will eventually reach out to ask whether you received it, or to let you know your card to them arrived.


Wouldn’t it be more efficient to set the profile inactive instead of just stop drawing official addresses? Inactive status stops the address be given out right away (and doesn’t stop the ability to send postcard out).

Edit: @Tara_Bell was faster :sweat_smile:


Yes to both @Tara_Bell and @Herzmuschel great idea! I forgot about inactive, have only done that once myself, so it didn’t occur to me when I wrote that :sweat_smile: