Mint cards only?

Hi everyone, I couldn’t find a suitable topic to ask this under (please move if there is!)…

I’m a little confused about a profile I drew. I like to try and meet requests or interests if I can, so I’d like to make sure I understand.

The profile first says the user has “no card theme” and “likes to hear about a new person”.

But then a bit further down:
“my stamp collecting themes are flags,Europa and heads of state.In 2023,I am a 10 year member abd would love mint flag cards for this year only.”

Is their request to only send unwritten flag cards this year? Like in an envelope? :woman_shrugging: I’m rather new to this and English isn’t my first language so I’m thinking/hoping I’m misunderstanding?


English is also not my first language, so it is just what I would think.

The user has ten years of experience, so she/he knows one can’t demand a special type of cards.
As you stated, the user normally does not have card wishes at all. So I guess it is meant this way:

Only in 2023 to celebrate 10 years of Postcrossing and to match the stamp collection they would love to get mint flag cards. So I think the word only refers to the year in this case and not to the postcards.

Hope that helps.


Thanks! But then… how does that work? You’re supposed to send a new/unused card in an envelope? With a separate note or something?

Hi all

I would think the same but it would immediately cause too much thought or stress to try and please recipients all the time. Like the ones that espouse “it’s about connecting” or “all cards welcome” then at the end of the profile state “no handmade cards, no envelopes, I want commemorative stamps, cards must only be 15 x 10cm” . WHAAAAT!?! How do you dissect a request like this and send a card they will like. Answer: you can’t.

So send something YOU like or something that matches their favorites write a lovely message and enjoy the experience.

PS… Your English is excellent!! :blush::blush::blush:


I agree with @gailthesnail . I have NEVER sent a blank card in an envelope. It just seems all wrong to me and not what postcrossing is about. But that’s just how I feel. If they’ve asked for this and you’re happy to do it, go ahead…


I’ve received that before, so maybe that is what they meant.

(In my case, my profile has preferences for direct swaps and this person was kind enough to send me an unwritten one and unwritten copy in the same envelope.)

Could you send an unwritten card in an envelope with a paper note? I think the receiver will like it.


I find this wish as stated rather unclear. If it were me, I’d send something else to avoid the issue.


Did you see that person’s recently received cards already?
If there are non-flag cards, no problem.
If there are only flag cards, and the number of received cards are significantly fewer than sent cards… I doubt that person. In that case, I would report it.

I read it that they otherwise like normal written cards, with no special theme wish, but for this year (only), they also like new, unwritten flag cards.

So, if I would have a flag card, I would send it in an envelope, empty, but also maybe another card with normal message (two cards go with same postage here).

I don’t normally send empty cards, but this sounds like a nice way to celebrate, a special year for them.


maybe they also wrote the wrong word and look for mint flag stamps? Just another tought that might have occured. To be honnest I never heared of mint used for unwritten cards but for stamps it is a quite usual used term for unused stamps. But only my thought of what it might mean.


I have no doubts about the user. He sent and received thousands of cards, of all kinds :slightly_smiling_face:

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A couple of observations. As @Florallle stated, when I sent Official Postcrossing cards, they always went naked…without an envelope. Moreover, the guidelines state that you will receive a random card; requesting a specific, narrow subject like this is a no no.

I would write this person to see what they exactly mean by their statement. With specific requests, post an offer in the Forum stating what you would like and what you will offer. Last word about “wants.” In profiles, the phrases " Don’t Send Me" “NO X…Y…Z…” are automatic turnoffs. “Please avoid sending…” I prefer receiving standard size cards that are store bought," You get the picture.

Frankly, I wouldn´t worry too much as the wish is kind of unclear, like @Johnk60 already stated, and send a card you see fit.
If you are uneasy with it, I would simply follow this advise (otherwise, it´s just a wild guessing game :slight_smile:):

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But they also stated “no card theme” so I guess that is the main thought, and only for their special year they would love mint flag cards. For me that sounds polite wish only. Ten years here they know not everyone will have such card.

And also sounds nice because they tell why they for this restricted period would like this kind of card.

It’s actually a little funny that I read this and would be sure they meant it how I read it.
So I would send some card, and since I don’t have flag card, I would maybe mention it, and tell I like their “special year collection” and use a flag stamp, which I have.


Like others said, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you don’t know what it means or don’t have such card, swnd something else. I never heard of mint postcards, only mint stamps as @Tetsuko mentioned. I believe we are talking about an official postcard, right? In that case I would not contact the person. You could mention in the message on the postcard that you don’t know what it means.


English is my first language, and even I found that post confusing. So, based on what I read, I think this what they are saying:
They have no preference for the kind of postcards like they will receive, but only that would like the stamp feature flags from different European countries, or stamps that shows their country’s prime minister, or official.

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