Minisheets - how do you like to collect them?

I was looking at Australia Post’s very pretty minisheets and started thinking of a new collection…

I am curious how do people who collect these like to receive them?

Mint, and sealed in the post office’s packaging?
Affixed to an envelope or card and cancelled, but not sent?
Or as above, but sent?

Do you try and find an envelope to suit the issue? What about if the mini-sheet nearly fills the envelope face?

A related cancellation mark? With the First Day cancellation linked to the stamp?

What’s something in your collection that you really like?

I’m sure it’s all down to preference, but I would love to see what people do with these.


Nice topic :+1:
If they are really mini sheets, meaning they can stay on a 12x18 envelope leaving space for address, and it is easily available its FD mark or a special cancellation, generally I collect them CTO or sent if I receive from another people.
Otherwise, I collect them mint.

Here in Italy no stamp or minisheet is sold inside a package, they pick up them from a big book with cardboard pages, where they simply lean on.

From my collection I like many :sweat_smile:, but to make some examples:

  • 2018 minisheet of UN Vienna issued for a stamp fair in Verona, Italy

    (the building is not the Colosseum, but Verona Arena, where usually are held concerts and operas, like Aida, set in Egypt :wink: )

  • 2019 Portugal minisheet with periodic table of elements:

  • 2022 China minisheet for Winter Olympic Games in Beijing 2022, that is also UV light sensitive


Those are the last three miniature sheets that were issued by Cyprus Postal Services. Nature and history. I collect them on First Day Covers. This combination of a miniature sheet on an envelope with the postmark and the extra artistic detail is something that I like a lot.


I collect them either on first day covers, or mint, or cancelled but not sticked onto something :slight_smile:

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I collect them to use on envelopes, especially the older ones that are less than a letter rate in Britain. For example I have about 50 of these two sheets from the 1980 Stamp Exhibition in London. Perfect for sprucing up a plain white envelope with some other stamps.

When I eventually use them up I’ll keep just one of each for myself.


These look great. Do you buy them from the post office like this, or do you need to buy the envelope and the minisheet, and then get the cancellation?

Our minisheets are usually too big and too overpriced to be on postcards. Postage rate for postcards is currently only 80 cents worldwide but our minisheets are usually at least $2 and above.

I usually collect minisheets and the lowest value is $1 which is no longer in print.

Showing off 2 sheets from my private collection.