Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers NOV 2020 Virtual Meetup

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Greetings all!

The Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers will be hosting a virtual Meetup on 14 NOV 2020 at 1500 Eastern Daylight Time. It is open to anyone in the world who would like to participate.

How to participate -

RSVP for this event at the following link:

Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers NOV 2020 Virtual Meetup

This event will be conducted virtually on Zoom. That means you attend by videoconference (teleconference if you don’t have video capability). Zoom is a cross-platform application that supports this capability. You’ll find details of how to get access to the Zoom event when you RSVP at the link supplied above.

Note that the website at the link above is being used to manage this event; this forum page is a courtesy announcement, but all RSVPS and queries should be conducted via the Meetup site linked above.


1 - Round-the-table introductions, please keep it short, as this could take a while depending on how many people we get!
2 - A ten minute presentation of decorating cards with rubber stamps by the host (ETA55)
3 - Open discussion (bring your favorite postcard you received in the last week!)

Lessons learned from previous Postcrossing Virtual Meetups:

Once in the conference, please add your Postcrossing handle to your Zoom login name. This can easily be done by using the three dot pull down menu next to your name and is not a permanent change.

Zoom includes a chat (texting) function; this allows for sidebar conversations in addition to the videoconference. Often these two overlap; it is helpful if, while in chat, to state the following in your text: to whom you are responding if responding directly to someone, and a repeat back of their question.

Note that the chat will be recorded and may be made public following the teleconference.

An event card is being produced for this event, and will be made available to all attendees, details can be seen on the event page listed above. Note that the event card does not use the Postcrossing logo as that is not permitted for virtual events.

This event is open to ALL postcrossers, hope to see YOU there!

As of 17 OCT, the event cards are in, photos are posted on the Meetup site referenced above!


Looking forward to this!

I’ll try to gatecrash it, from the other side of the Atlantic, if I can.

Can’t wait! I’m Ki Es over there.

Hey all, heads up that postcards market is having a great Halloween deal, free shipping plus 5 free cards with order. I just got myself a Halloween treat…
After all who needs candy when you have postcards!! :jack_o_lantern:

I’m hoping to make it! Putting it in my calendar now! :slight_smile:

I’ve never shopped there. Off to check them out.

Sorry I couldn’t properly make it.

So sorry I had to miss it. Hope it was great! Just posted the Indiana meet up card to you @eta55

Oh no! I only found about this now - a few hours too late! I hope I catch the next one!

Oh dear, I’ve been so sick that I overslept. I’m so sorry Eric for missing this! I hope it went well.

I’m sorry. I screwed up and thought this was at 4:00on today.

Looks like many of us had a legit excuse for not attending. I, unfortunately was working this past weekend. I would think it a good idea to schedule a meet up monthly. I will do all I can to attend. BTW (by the way), I attended both a live meet up and an on line meet up (more people in the on line meet up). Both were excellent. Lottos, exchanges, offers, and games. It is always nice to see people’s faces. I will keep a watch out for the next meet up. I would love to join a meet up 1/2 way around the world on line. My best. -Gmansocal

@eta55 Great job on the meet up this past weekend. Loved the presentation and gave me some good thoughts about maybe not torturing the USPS with all my stickers and doo dads on the postcards in the future!! Thanks for putting it together!

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I was very happy to host, and enjoyed the company of all who attended. Personal meetup cards have gone out to each of you, and a packet of ten blank meet up cards has been sent to each of you as well. Thanks so much for attending and making this meet up such a success!


Hello from the Charm City, Maryland! I’m new to the new forums, but hope to be able to make one of these in the near future. Sounds like fun!

Hi everyone! I’m new here. How do I get post crossing postcards? I’m from Illinois near Chicago.
Thank you so much!

Your question is not really applicable to this thread unless you are looking for the meetup card from this particular event. If so, feel free to contact me directly through the message portion of this forum and we can work out a swap.

If you are looking for sources for postcards in general, try Amazon, the Book Depository for starters. Really, the only postcards specific to postcrossing are meetup cards, which are usually made in small quantities by the host of the event for the attendees. They sometimes have leftovers, so sometimes you can work out a swap. Hope this helps.