Meteorology statistics on postcards

maybe sometimes it happened to you too :thinking:
you received a postcard with a small drawing about weather sunny-cloudy-rainy-snowy and the temperature.
i must confess this information can’t raise my interest, i am sorry, though i can understand meteorology can be fascinating for someone.
sometimes i read a profile asking for this information, rarely i put it, often i forget it and i apologize for this.
i would like to know why is it so important for you to know that.
do you keep a journal, writing: day x, town y, weather z, temperature k? :thinking:


Though I don’t ask for the weather info, I always include if my receiver’s profile asks for it – mainly because Celsius is my Achilles heel, and it’s good practice for me to do the conversion from Fahrenheit. :grin:


I use a converter on the web when I include temperatures on my cards to the US or to Great Britain. I don’t care a lot about weather stats myself, the sender can include them on the card if they want. I used to include them on my cards on irregular basis, but after I bought this rubber stamp, I always now put weather stats on my cards. :partly_sunny: :cloud_with_rain: :snowflake:


I know 0 = 32 and 28 = 82, and in between is just a jumble of numbers. You could tell me 18 = 4000 and I’d believe you :joy:


I usually write down the weather and temperature on my cards. It’s not taking up a lot of space, so why not? Some people use stickers others use Washi tape, I’m drawing a little cloud or sun on my card.

And I also ask for this information, but I don’t mind if it’s not included.
I just think it’s interessting, but no, I don’t have a journal :sweat_smile:
Sometimes I even check the globe and be surprised to find the senders country for example on the southern hemisphere.

For me it’s the same as any other request. Like “Please include a quote in you mothers tongue”.
If you do, great, if you write anything else, also great :+1:t2:


I like to get the weather/temperature info as It gives you another view into the daily life of the sender of the postcard. We are sometimes sending to very different regions of the globe. While it’s now winter in the northern hemisphere, it’s summer in places like Australia - I’ll write different messages to those living in winter vs summer for example.

Even within one country, the weather can be vastly different in different parts on any given day - when I talk to friends & family across Canada, we always ask each other about the weather.

I can imagine the writer of a postcard more vividly given the weather info and what they might do or not do in a day because of it. Someone who is living in -15 Celsius has a different day than one living in 20 Celsius.

I think paying attention to each other’s weather also gives us some glimpse into climate change & more extreme weather events. I just watched a video on the terrible flooding in Sardinia - I’ve paid more attention to world weather events since I joined Postcrossing because I actually know more people in other countries now - all of this info helps us build more connections & empathy with each other which is one of the goals of Postcrossing.


I’d seen enough people requesting it that I just do it automatically now on all my postcards and pen pal letters. I glance at it when people write it to me, often I just think “huh, that’s hotter/colder than I would have thought it would be” or “I didn’t know it snowed in place”. Just another tiny tidbit of information about someone’s life in another part of the world.


I only write the weather on postcards if people request it on their profiles. Because unless the weather is absolutely essential to understanding the rest of the message, I’m not sure what the point is. I can look up online about the weather in other areas.

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I had a card recently that had a sticker that you circle depening on what the weathers doing, I loved it.


I bought myself this set of tiny ( < 1 cm) Korean schedule stamps because lots of Postcrossers like to have the date and the weather on their card.


It’s interesting to compare the weather in place A and Place B. Especially temperature. Is the climate the same where the sender lives and where I live? Or is it different?


why? what difference does the weather make?

just for those stamps i’d like the weather on my card. those are so cute!

i don’t ask for people to write down the weather but i do like it when they do. it’s just those tiny details about other countries that makes it interesting. of course i can also google it but having one card with all that information is just better. and sometimes im actually surprised it’s snowing a lot in one place, or super hot in another.
if i think about it i draw the weather. a little cloud with some rain or sun doesnt take up that much space. well and i like to decorate my cards anyway so a little sun is a nice addition :smile:


Well think about it - I can say it’s snowing here today in Canada, I hope you stay warm inside, drink hot cider, put on your mittens etc, but that would be kind of silly to say to someone in Australia or Brazil eh? lol But it would make sense to say to someone in Russia or the Netherlands right?


ohh yes absolutely. i was thinking more about topics to write about. like to a person in summer weather you talk about the concert you’re going to and the other person about your job. but this definitely makes more sense yes :sweat_smile:


Wow, @Oo_Hawkwind_oO those are fabulous! - the only one I don’t quite get is Shiny Day(that’s what it looks like it says to me) with the sun & cloud


Generally, I don’t write the temperature/weather unless the recipient asks for it.

When I do, I use a conversion tool to “translate” into Celsius. This brings me to a very important (:upside_down_face:) question for you: What would you think if I wrote the temperature in Fahrenheit?

  • Ugh–there go the Americans again with their stubborn adherence to Fahrenheit. :roll_eyes:
  • Awwww, Americans are so cute with their stubborn adherence to Fahrenheit! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • [Shrugs indifferently]
  • What are you talking about? I write all my temperatures in Kelvin.

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@PinkNoodle I think it would be fun to read the temperature in Fahrenheit; it’s another part of American culture in my eyes!

And to respond to the topic in general: I think it’s fun; another little tidbit of information to feel connected to people across the globe!


@PinkNoodle, did you know that Deutsche Post issued a Fahrenheit stamp in 2014 to commemorate the invention/introduction of the Fahrenheit scale 300 years ago?


These are so cute!


Whooooa, I love it! :star_struck: