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Hello! New to Postcrossing. Quick question. My first two postcards that I sent have been received. Both of the receivers sent me a little message thanking me for sending them the postcard, commenting on the postcard, etc. I saw this message from them when I received an email at my private email account saying your postcard has been received and they sent you a message which is as follows… Is there any way to see that message on the postcrossing webpage when I log into my account? I can’t seem to find the messages there or is that message only transmitted to my email? Thanks!



Yes, you can only see them in your email account :slight_smile:

The short answer is yes, the message only goes to your e-mail.
I don’t know if there is a longer answer, someone else might have one. :wink:

It’s nice that you got your first Hurray messages! :slightly_smiling_face:

The F.A.Q. in the main site mentions it here. Also, there’re other posts where you can see more about it here and here. But in short, yes, you can only see them in your email account. You’ll get other notifications in your private email account too, such as stats for each month and year, etc.

Thanks everyone for your help! I didnt see it in the FAQ section thanks Angelicca for pointing it out!

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Welcome to Postcrossing! Or, should I say, your soon-to-be new obsession… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks so much for the shoutout! Unfortunately, it takes a little time to get started as you can only send out so much at first, and you have to wait for them to arrive- and if they are going to China or Russia that adds to the time…


Josh take a look around the forum, there are lots of opportunities to exchange postcards, too: tags where you tag a person you will send something to and the next person will tag you and send you something, or swaps where 2 persons exchange postcards. If you want to speed up a bit that‘s a possible way to go, and you get to choose the postcard destinations there.


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