Message limit to other users?

I rarely message other users but I got this message when I sent someone a direct message.

I was wondering this is new or not - is this limit only limited to private messages or even the messages we write when we register cards?


Wow, you have 88 left! I ran into this a few months ago when I was messaging several people in one day and hit my limit (which was apparently 10, as I’m a relative newcomer and you’ve clearly earned much more leeway!). I don’t believe the limit includes responses to tags and so on, just from where you pull up a person’s profile and send a message from there. Don’t know if it includes registering cards.


I remember getting a similar note too recently.

But I’m sure that the message limit applies only to the forum, not to “hurray” messages when we register cards.

I’ve never received such a message. And I am certain that I message more that 10 some days.

I got this on the official site, I don’t really message others to be honest! I am not very active here either. :sweat_smile:

Your limit goes up with the number of cards sent and received. That’s how the moderators figure we’ve earned trust. More cards = more trust = higher message limit

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It is sort of new! The limit itself isn’t new, and it goes up with the number of postcards people send. But the note letting people know how many messages they have left today is new.

Sometime ago, we noticed some (especially newbie) members were getting upset at hitting their daily limit, and emailing us about as they didn’t even realize there had been a limit in place. That was our fault, for not communicating it better. So we added that sentence there, which should hopefully make this more clear and less frustrating.

This is just for private messages sent on the main site — not the forum, and not registration messages.


Thanks for the clarification Ana! :blush:


I got this message today, except it’s in red, and does not give the remaining amount available. To clarify, I only sent 8 messages. I am hosting a Postcrossing Meetup and reaching out to people in the area. Does my limit to send messages always stay at 8? I’ve only sent/received 12 PCs on the main site. Would it be messy to tag a group of people in the meetup post itself, or would that be a good option?

You can tag a group of people in a meeting forum post. This is a good way of drawing attention to your meeting to other forum members.

The number increases automatically as you have more postcards registered. This is on the main site.

The forum doesn’t use the same limitations.



Thank you Vicki. Would I then post a comment on my meetup post, and tag people there? Or should I make an independent post in the meetup forums and tag them there?

Thank you.


Wondering how this limitations work, because I currently have only 7 messages per day. Not a big deal since I rarely DM people on the main site but still curious

88 messages? Wow, I think my limit is around 14-15
Not a problem really, since I almost never send more than one or two per day on the main site

The easiest way to poke others to any given topic on this forum is to notify them.

Click on Share at the bottom of the topic, there is a tab with Notify. You can enter all users you’d like and they will get notification about it without “disturbing” the topic itself.


Fantastic! Thank you :blush:

Much better way of doing it. :+1:


I’m having troubles locating the Notify tab. After clicking on Share, I can only copy the link and share it on twitter/FB/send via email.
Could you please post a picture how to get to the Notify tab to enter usernames? Thank you!

Nevermind, just realized it’s gone because of the forum update

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