Merging two accounts on the main page?

So I have some sort of issue…

Now I have another account, I used this one nearly 10 years ago now and forgot about it after I had moved and such, I just signed up again last week but with a different email address I only just today remembered I already had an account with a different email address (this one). I have sent 5 cards with the account I opened last week.

Is there any way to combine the 2 accounts or should I just accept the fact that it isn’t possible and those 5 cards do not count towards the amount I have here (which isn’t much either, so I could decide to just use the other one and delete this one but wanted to see what the options were first)…

thank youuuu :smiley:

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@GwnMii Welcome back :slightly_smiling_face:

No, it isn’t possible to merge both accounts.
It is best to wait before closing the new account until your cards have arrived and you have received some cards back.
And then you can still decide which account you want to close.

Or do you have a child who wants to send a card now and then. Then the account could continue to be used.

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I’ll wait till the cards have arrived at their destination then… I do have a child who’s 3.5 so maybe a bit young still, I’ll show her what I’m doing and maybe she wants to do her own thing (colour on them or some stickers, she loves stickers…) anyway, yeah so I’ll keep it for now but maybe put it on inactive instead…

thank you so much for your help :smiley: