Mental Health Postage Paid Postcards

I happened to be outside when the Postie stopped to deliver some postcards to me. He noted that I received more than the average person in my street :slight_smile: and wondered if I sent them too.
Of course!
So he gave me about 20 of these:
Postage Paid
How cool is that?



I collect Health theme postcards.
If you have a copy of this postcard, can you exchange it with me?
If yes please let me know your interests, I shall send some images to your DM.

I would love to swap one. I teach health in Taiwan and it would be very useful in class.

I am a physio therapist and a trauma therapist, I would love to have these cards for my patients.
What would you like in return ?

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try and get some next week :slightly_smiling_face:

How kind of the Postie! These cards are really nice - and I read about the meaning behind… what a wonderful idea! I hope you will use them for that purpose as well :slight_smile:

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I know of two versions of this card, one of which has the car in the picture driving on the wrong side of the road. It is possible that this was later corrected after the error was noticed and the “American” version was withdrawn. If you have one of these, it might be worth keeping !

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I just meant to brag and inform. I really want to send some of them to people who have helped me through the long Victorian lockdowns over the last 18 months.
There are two Postcrossers in ‘my’ house … if we have any ‘spare’ I’ll consider some of the requests. My apologies if you miss out.


Hooray, I received one in the mail today!

Oh, no… it’s actually addressed to my neighbour but delivered to me as the major postcard receiver in the area…


Wow. What a nice gesture. Enjoy your postcards.

Ciao, io ho cartoline storiche di barelle e ambulanze, ti possono interessare?

I managed to get 3 of these postcards. The 3 have been received and appreciated,


We received one here too. I think it came inside a newspaper. I note it says ‘Send the postcard below for free within Australia’.

It’s a nice card!


I have just picked an ‘American’ version of this card with the car on RHS of road. I didn’t realise until I got it home and looked at it properly!


Have always wondered if we can send these overseas for free (like a maxicard) or do we have to add an international stamp? What have others done?

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Only within Australia for free…the text is written immediately above the picture, just above the perforation line.

I think it would read the same as the maxicard blurb if it included free overseas postage…but it only states ‘…for free within Australia’. :frowning:

Given how our postal service operates…it’s likely it might still arrive overseas as it is. And if you ask at ten random post counters, you’ll get ten different answers. :frowning:


I know someone who sent these overseas - they just added the required postage.


I picked one up today from a post office, only one cos I have an entire stack of sendables at home but I thought it’d be nice to send to a friend/fellow PCer :slight_smile: