Melbourne - World Postcard Day - 1 October 2022

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Melbourne
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Melbourne Central Food Court - behind Schnitz
:calendar: DATE: 1 October 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 9 am - 11 am

It’s time for the World Postcard Day meet up!


Cnr Latrobe and Swanston street.

Food hall on level 2.

Head to the back, behind Schnitz.

Note the different time and location to our recent meet ups. I thought we’d try here, as this is very close to the Elizabeth St PO, which is open until 12.30 on Saturdays. That way, we can get our cards hand-cancelled for 1 October.


Please bring along a couple of blank cards to add to our prize pool, and we will have a raffle amongst everyone who attends.


There will be a meet up card, and I will also print the official World Postcard Day card. These will be available on the day, for the cost of printing (around 50 cents each, to be confirmed). No need to pre-order. I’ll update once the card design is finalised.

I’m keeping the number of cards printed low, but feel free to bring along your own cards for people to sign - self-printed or otherwise.


Please RSVP in the comments below or by message to me.


Please be sure to check in here on the day of the meet up, in case we have to make any last minute changes.


Here’s the meet up card.

Please do not message me with swap requests!

If you want to swap for this card, please post in the thread with your offer, and any of our members who are interested can contact you.

Please check the postal monitor here to make sure Australia can send to your country,


I will definitely come, added to my diary and partner advised not to make plans lol


I’ve ordered my World Postcard Day cards. I’m so glad I checked in here. I’d definitely like to attend. :slight_smile:

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I’m a solid maybe :sweat_smile: I’ll let you know for sure a little closer to the date!

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I would definitely like to come…it will be my first meet-up!


@KaySludge Awesome! Welcome! :pray::relaxed:

Would someone like to swap with me? I’m from Germany and attend a meet-up on Oct. 1st as well.

I’m happy to swap with you.

I love to swap

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Hello ~ Any one wanna swap the Meetup card with me ??
Here’s my offer of the coming meetup cards & swap list

[Album] Postcard for swap

Greeting from Belarus!
I will be glad to swap. I will have two types of WPD postcards: standart and for Belarus.

I’m happy to swap with you.

I’m happy to swap with you

Willing to swap with you

Can we swap?
I will have two types of WPD postcards: standart and for Russia.

Hi! Any one want to swap the Meetup card with me?
Here’s my offer

Sorry Helen, I’m not in Melbourne that weekend. I love the meetup card! I hope you all enjoy the day :). Marnie.

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Send dm to me

Thank you very much!
Whah kind of postcard do you prefer? I have meet up postcards, WPD postcards, belarusian WPD 2022 and other…