Meghdoot Postcards


Does anyone use Meghdoot postcards regularly for sending ‘official’ cards, or fulfilling forum trades/swaps/RRs/tags?

Having been part of this community for a few months, I’ve noticed these cards aren’t sent often. My research extends to the point of perusing my recipient’s ‘received’ wall when I send an ‘official’ card, so it isn’t thorough.

Is it simply that these cards are hard to get?

Is it that they aren’t considered ‘real’ postcards (like a picture postcard)? Are they considered ‘Ad cards’ and frowned upon?

Surely folks would cherish these unique pieces of Indian postal stationery. I think they’re so unique! Where should I be looking to buy them?

I’d love to know your thoughts.


I have sent Meghdoot once in official postcrossing which have the FIDA chess olympiad picture…its more than ad card as it also commermating some anniversary or success.
Mostly in headpost office you can get …as the demand of this card is high among collects …its sold out easily.
I received few Meghdoot cards in swaps from my fellow postcrossers in India


you can check my wall, i have sent. Some of them are

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Thanks for this topic. I received one of these cards once, but I didn’t know what it was :slight_smile: