Meetup Postcrossing Karlstad Sweden August 17th 2022

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Karlstad
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Ikea Restaurant
:calendar: DATE: 17th August 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10.30-12-30 (GMT/UTC +1 hour)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Hello everyone!
We meet inside Ikea Karlstad at the restaurant on August 17th 2022. The Restaurant is in the middle of the warehouse, so you have 30 minutes after opening time (10.00) to get there.
Everyone are free to order food/coffe/fika. Visit Ikeas website for menue. There is something for everyone, vegan/if you have allergies.
We bring our own postcards, if anyone wants to make official meetup cards, I welcome it. If so, please let me know this in advance when you register for the meeting.
We set the limit at 10 participants, since we are in a public restaurant.
I will register the first 10 participants who contact me. Please visit my profile: “swedishforest” and send me a message to register.

Looking forward to meeting you all🤗



I like to join it!

Will be also special desinged card? Because i will not have buy cards before 17 august

@sheyennesteppenwolf maybe you like to join also

I have added you to the list:

  1. swedishforest (Sweden)
  2. mamiielariie (Belgium)

I will look in to it but maybe you can buy some ordinary cards in your country or while traveling here. I will get back to you asap.:hugs:

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Send you pm

I am working in Molkom until 16:00 that day so I won’t come but I would love to join another time, I didn’t even know there were other postcrossers in Karlstad!

I find back her name on the postcrossing site


@DarjaLink maybe you like to join this meeting too.

Hey Therese @swedishforest and all other participants of this meeting.

I would be interested in meeting cards of this meeting sent to me.

I can offer 2 blanc postcards in exchange for one meetingcard ( or any other card from the meeting ) sent, my letters will be sent from/over UNO Geneva.

please let me know , who is interested in such swap


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I make also my own desing for this meeting

My design for this meeting.
We had a really nice meeting in Karlstad and I will try to arrange a larger meeting for spring 2023.


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Hello. I would be happy to exchange))

Sorry I am all out of cards.

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I have some but anither desing

If you are able to pick a Saturday for the next meetup it’s possible that @KAS and I, and maybe a couple of others, would be able to attend.

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Yes, next time will be a Saturday in Karlstad.
How fun! I look forward to that, you are all welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
It will be sometime first part of 2023, a date will come this autumn.

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