MEETUP Karlstad Sweden 22 July 2023!

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Karlstad
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Ikea, Bergviksvägen 43
:calendar: DATE: Saturday 22nd July 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10.30 am GMT +1
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Hello everyone!
We meet at Ikea Karlstad in the restaurant on Saturday 22nd July 2023 - 10.30 am GMT +1.
The Restaurant is located in the middle of the warehouse, so you have 30 minutes after opening time (10.00) to get there.
Everyone are free to order food/coffe/fika. Visit Ikeas website for menue. There is something for everyone, vegan/if you have allergies.
I will release official meetup cards in March, they will be available worldwide.
We set the limit at 20 participants, since we are in a public restaurant.
I will register the first 20 participants who contact me.
Please visit my profile: “swedishforest” and send me a message to register.

Looking forward to meeting you all🤗

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@KAS maybe for you

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Hello Therese, can you cound me in for this meetup?
I’m on holiday and am in the area of Karlstad.


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Updated list of participants 2023-03-12:


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The official meetup cards have arrived today!
I hope for more participants, you are all very welcome to attend​:hugs::hugs::hugs::sweden::sweden::sweden::earth_africa::earth_africa::earth_africa:

So a pity i didn’t visit sweden this year, bit like to swap with you i have normal a meeting at 21 july

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Yes, maybe. We are currently talking about it :wink:

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Sounds good! Lets swap🤗

You are most welcome if you would like to join us. It would be really nice to get to know fellow Postcrossers :hugs:
Best wishes
Swedishforest :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

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I would love to attend

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Updated list of participants 2023-05-25


Three attendees from Norway: @LeishaCamden @KAS @Baguetta :smiley:

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Updated list of participants 2023-06-03


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Has anyone made their own meetup cards?
I have made this design in A6 size:


No, would you like us to?

Can I order 10 of this card from you, please?

Yes I will keep 10 for you🙂

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I would like to have 10 meetup cards please😊


I have checked my calendar again and it might be I am in the area around that day. Will you sign me up please? I also would like 10 postcards if possible.

Your name is on the list @TonePost and 10 cards for you.