Meetup in Christchurch, NZ

:world_map:  Christchuch:
:pushpin: Black Betty Cafe - 165 Madras Street, Christchurch
:alarm_clock: 27th December, 2pm (NZ)

Oops, I didn’t see this until now and would have wanted to come! I’ll have to check more regularly on the meetups calendar. I hope you had a good meetup. Darci

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Hi I’ve just found this today!.Would love to have a meet up with other CHCH post crossers and sorry I missed this one😡
How do I get notified for next meet up ?

I haven’t planned anything. Did you want to catch up?

Just saw this today. Sorry to have missed it. I would be interested in going to the next meet up.
Cheers Christine

Shall we have another attempt?

I am interested in coming along.


Friday 19th in town, after 6pm?

That can work for me

I don’t know what’s open, because I don’t go in there very often.
Anyone have any thoughts or areas?

How does Dux Central. 630om, Friday sound?