Meetup Chester, Virginia November 12, 2022

CITY/REGION: Chester, Virginia
MEETUP PLACE: Old Dominion Postcard Show - Chester Campus (Please note: FYI - for the November show, Jefferson Davis Highway has been changed to “Route 1” on all road signs. At Brightpoint Community College (formerly John Tyler C.C.) new name, same location: 13101 Jefferson Davis Highway, Chester, VA 23831
DATE: November 12, 2022
TIME: 10 am

Hi all,
I am planning a meetup to occur at the Old Dominion Postcard Show. The entrance fee for the show is $5 however, if you are not attending the show we are meeting in the lounge area just outside the door.

44th Annual Old Dominion Post Card Club Show & Sale, Hours Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5. For information contact Mike Uzel or (804) 720-0937. Donation $5 Many dealers will have 25 cent boxes.

Meet-up postcards will be available for you to autograph and send to your friends and yourself.

The show is two days, but the meet-up will be on Saturday.

There will be snacks available but please bring your own drink.

Bring your friends and see what a Postcard Show is all about. email me for more details at more information is below. If you wish to receive a postcard from the meetup please email your mailing address to email above or message ezredax on []

I look forward to meeting you there.

Demaris Swint

More info.
What are we going to be doing?

  • Spend the time getting to know our fellow postcrossers
  • Share our postcrossing experiences/stories
  • Postcard swapping
  • Sign designed postcrossing meet-up cards
  • and of course…write as many cards as we can to send out t
    Share our postcrossing experiences/stories
    Postcard swapping
    Sign designed postcrossing meet-up cards
    and of course…write as many cards as we can to send out to the world!
    What should I bring? (not mandatory, just some suggestions)

Pens, markers, stickers, washi tape, decorative stamps etc. (anything you like to write or decorate cards with)
list of addresses to send too.
Postage stamps (so we can mail as many cards as we can!)
Postcards to trade/swap
Postcards you would like to send out at this meetup
Postcards you want to show off
A smartphone/iPad/tablet for connecting to
The ultimate goal of this meetup is to share our collective joy of postcrossing, to make good, positive, and wholesome connections with another human beings, and to spread that positivity and happiness to our fellow postcrossers across the globe!


Hi Demaris,

I will be there! Looking forward to it.


I’m adding it to my calendar now!


I want to be there, but I do not know my travel schedule for work this far in advance. I will keep you posted.

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I hope you can make it. It is always nice to see you.


Hi! I live in Virginia Beach and this would be my first meetup. Is this open to everyone?

HI Celia, This is open to all who would like to attend. There will be meetup postcards for you to autograph and send to yourself and others on your list. If you have a rubber stamp with your name or screen name on it, be sure to bring it.

I look forward to meeting you,

I’ll see every one there. Looking forward to it.

Hi, I live in Chesterfield Co. I am not sure if I can make it, but I will try. Thanks for organizing! I am new to this!

I plan to be there, along with a friend who introduced me to postcrossing. Thanks for organizing!

I hope to make it! I’ve never been to a meet up before but I hear great things :blush:

Demaris- It looks like I will be home for the Chester Meetup! Yeah!

I would like to get 100-150 cards. Will you have that many? I will gladly pay you for them. I can also print some of my own if necessary. Thanks-

More background- Currently I am ranked at 104 in the US for sent postcards. I am trying to get in the top 100. Meetup cards are quicker to send then other cards, so I plan to send a lot from the meetup. I went to a meetup on World postcard day, and I sent many cards from there.

Hi! I just moved to Virginia Beach and am looking for other Postcrossers! Could you let me know when you’ll be having another meetup? Or does anyone know of groups in Virginia Beach? I attended meetups in San Diego whereI lived and I’m missing my people! Sue :blush:


I will be having another meetup in November, 2023. Not sure of the day yet.

Please send your email to I will be happy to let you know of that meetup. However check the forum there may be others planning one before then.

Enjoy the day!

Hi! I will be there. Thank you for organizing. Do you need any help? This is my first meet up but I’m happy to help :slight_smile:


I have not posted the dates for the Chester meetup 2023 at yet. I am waiting for confirmation of the Old Dominion Show dates. I will contact you as soon as I do.