Meetup 11.06.2022 Erlangen

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Erlangen
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: In front of Heinrich-Lades-Halle, Rathausplatz 1
:calendar: DATE: 11.06.2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 9:45 am
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
We’ll visit the at 10:00 am. Please order your ticket online or buy it before we go inside.

Inside we can go in small groups round look at the stamps and other things we can buy also. It’s not needed to be in big group.

At 1 pm we’ll leave the Kreativ-Messe and go for lunch. I’ll order a table at 1:30 pm. For lunch we go here

Because we’re not buying cards my sister ordered these cards by Schöning:

You can contact me/her, if you want to buy some of them.

If you’ll like to make meet up cards: Show them here so we can order all. I don’t want to have meet up cards designed by one and printed only for one.

@vvsmurfy 2 für Messe und Essen
@schreibegern kommt erst um 11:45 Uhr.


I would love to come :slight_smile:

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I’d like to come too. Hope i can manage…

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Fortunately the date is still free in my calendar, I’d love to come. Please count me in! :smiley:


I also would like to join the Meeting
In my calender is only the hint to “Erlangen crativ” :grin:

I look forward to meet you all personaly

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I’d love to join you! :slight_smile:

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I have made a note of the date and I enjoy to meet you.

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oh very very tempting :heart: I would love to come, if Corona rules do allow me to do so :heart:

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I’ve designed two meeting cards:



The prints of course will NOT show the watermark.

Costs should be well below 0,40 € per card, depending on the amount of cards we need, plus postage if you would like to receive the cards prior to the meeting.

Please let me know until :arrow_right: May 19th :arrow_left: to allow sufficient time for printing and shipping.

Please note that order is only open for postcrossers intending to actually attend the meeting.

Thanks & looking forward to seeing you all there :blush:


I will be glad to exchange)))

Ich hab euch dann mal alle auf die Teilnehmerliste gesetzt. Vorfreude ist doch was schönes.


Setz mich doch bitte auch mit drauf :smiley:


Beautiful cards. :orange_heart:

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can we swap

Bitte mich auch mal mit vormerken!!

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@Gaiasduhter Hier ist die Anmeldung :smiley:

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I would like to join, too. :slight_smile:

Vielen Dank, liebe Patzi :smiley:

I have got a question: The ticket you can buy online, is it for mobile phones only? Or do you get it sent by mail, either as e-mail to print it out or by snail mail as a paper ticket?

Ich glaube schon, dass du das per Email bekommst @Gaiasduhter. Werde es aber selber im Mai testen und es dann hier posten. Ansonsten ist auch genügend Zeit das Ticket an der Tageskasse zu kaufen.

Je nach Anmeldungen werde ich auch mal nach einem Gruppentarif fragen.