Meeting Terschelling 30 september 2023

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Terschelling
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Stayokay West Terschelling
:calendar: DATE: 30 september 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12:00 uur
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Me (Linda) and Johanna like to organized a meetup on the Island Terschelling again.
Please let us know If you come with the ferry in the morning or If you allready been on the Island.
If this your first meeting, you can always send me a message for more information.
And you can always send a message with questions about the Island Terschelling.

The lunch location is not very far from the Ferry, but we can take the local bus if it’s to far to walk for you.
We have a lunch buffet by Stayokay Terschelling.
we have our own room with a beautiful view over the Wadden Sea.
the costs for the lunch buffet are 13 euros per person.
special wishes and allergies can be taken into account, please let us know in time!

lunch contents: soup, various hard and slices of bread/sandwiches, 2 types of cheese, 3 types of meat products, various sweet toppings, salad, a hot snack, milk, orange juice, coffee and tea.

more information about the meeting card will follow.
Keep an eye on this page for further information!


  1. Linda (organisator) 30 cards PAID
  2. Johanna (organisator) 10 cards PAID
  3. EvelienH29(Evelien) 10 cards PAID
  4. Gait (Gytha) 10 cards PAID
  5. pareltje21 (Marjan) 15 cards PAID
  6. Florisca 8 cards PAID
  7. 940gl (marieke) 2 cards PAID
  8. Kushboo (Anke) 20 cards PAID
  9. Marjan77 10 cards PAID
  10. GeertruidaB 10 cards PAID
  11. muppet450 (Rachel) 25 cards PAID
  12. annealber (Nicolien) 10 cards PAID
  13. Hermelina63 (Hermi) 10 cards PAID
  14. Andrea236 (Andrea) 31 cards PAID
  15. Mlandman (Marloes) 30 cards PAID
  16. Mother Mlandman (Marian) 10 cards PAID
  17. DymphieH (Dymphie) 30 cards PAID
  18. Bas PAID
  19. Hindriktje 30 cards PAID
  20. Willy 30 cards PAID

Waiting list:

  1. frysk-famke 10 cards PAID

Meeting card. Max. 30 cards signet on the meeting.
€0,60 for 1 card. Please let me now how much cards do you want.


I would love ot sign up but as it’s in September I’m not sure yet if I can get off work. So I like to be a maybe :slight_smile:

Ik wil me graag opgeven. Wel eerst onder voorbehoud als het mag.

Could you add me to the list please (ovb). I would love to come, but have to check if it is possible for me with transportation and accommodation.

Yes :raised_hands:t2: please count me in :heart_eyes:

I was on maybe already but I may claim a spot for the other postcrosser near me who is not on the forum. She is a very very maybe as I have to discuss it with her, but I figured it was best to sign her up already before all places were gone :slight_smile:

Count me in! Terschelling is altijd leuk.

What’s her name?


Count me in. It was last year really nice.

Count me in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Jaaa leuk,ik kom ook graag weer :mauritius:

Put me on the list please!

Please count me in ovb

Hoi Linda, ik meld me weer af voor deze meeting.
Kom er achter dat ik al een meeting heb staan voor de 30e. :see_no_evil:

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Hi Linda and Johanna, wow, you are hosting a meeting again! I would like to come with my mother who is not a Postcrosser. Can you put me and Marian on the list? Your meetings in the past were amazing! Marloes

Ik zou ook graag komen. Dank je

I would like to come, can you put me on the waitinglist

without prejudice(I can look in the future for 6 months :slight_smile: ), I like to come. Put me on the waitinglist please.

Hoi @andrea236 er is een afmelding gekomen, ik heb je op de deelnemers lijst gezet. :slight_smile: Graag tot op Terschelling.