Meeting in Bucharest - Efiro 2024 (April. 16, 2024)

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Bucharest
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: “La Placinte” Restaurant -
:calendar: DATE: 16 April 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 17:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
In Bucharest will be a big event dedicated to philately and cartophily - starting from Tuesday 16 April, ending Friday 19 April. More details here: Exhibition list | Efiro 2024
We plan to have also a postcrossing meeting - the restaurant chosen is accross the street, but we can meet earlier to visit the exhibition - who can join. I live in Bucharest - so for me it will be easy.
Please comment if and when you can be in Bucharest - there will be 7 (!!) special dedicated postmarks and also will be presence of more than 20 foreign postal administration with stands. ANd I will prepare a special postcard dedicated to the event. If you can join our meeting you must let me know in order to make restaurant reservation. Limited seats at 25, but I believe we will not be so many :slight_smile:

So - who can join? :slight_smile:

  1. @mihneaR - RO
  2. @linos203 - DE
  3. @RaduSt - RO
  4. @adria74 - RO
  5. @YouleYuan - Yan - USA
  6. @RuxandraCristescu - RO
  7. @Madalina0304 - RO
  8. @Papermaker1
  9. @manencov

Very good idea, I will join. I’m coming the first time for Efiro. I’m the whole week in Bucharest.

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  1. @RaduSt

4.@adria74 -RO

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Yan here, count me in - USA

I’ll be there.

I will try also to attend :slight_smile: .

I will be attending EFIRO as the US Commissioner to the show. I’m also a Postcrossing member and will plan on attending, so please put me down and reserve a spot. You can email me directly at

Looking forward to the meetup

Chris (Papermaker1)

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I want to participate too. Thank you

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Wow - so we will have VIP’s with us :smiley: - I will not be the “one and only” :wink:

@mihneaR What is your involvement with the show? Who else on the show committee will be at the meet-up?

Hello @Papermaker1 ! I am not involved in the show - I am just passionate :smiley: And I am a proud Postcrossing Ambassador :wink:

I have no idea who will come from the show comittee :slight_smile:

I made reservation at “La Placinte” tomorrow starting with 5 PM on my name! See you soon!


And here is the photo

! :slight_smile:


Great time spent together. Thanks Mihnea for hosting!!

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