Meeting Brugge, 26 november 2022

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Brugge, Belgium
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Station Brugge in the front
:calendar: DATE: 26 november 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10u at the station / Luch arround 13u
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

We come togheter at the station arround 10 o’clock. Than we can first to some shops in Brugge by walk and visit them.

For the tearoom we need back tot he area Sint-Michiels, rijselstraat 78. Where we can eat something and write the postcards and makes fun.

So for to go to the tearoom we take the bus from the centre to there. More information about the buses are here. One ticket is 2.5 EUR More information here

People who comes by car : There is in the front of the station a park and ride where you use your dayticket of the card fors ome bustickets Parking Centrum-Station - Visit Bruges More information about other parkings Parkeren in Brugge - Visit Bruges

The meetingcard is also avaible to order: it will be 20 cents for one, price can be lesser how much we order.

People who don’t like to do the shopping can also come direct to the tearoom. Just let me know than.
So there will be desinged also a special meetingcard
I hope to see you all.

Lara and Jo


  1. Mamiielariie (100 cards)
  2. Jo (100 cards) Paid
  3. Jeke (30 cards) Paid
  4. Mieke (30 cards) Paid
  5. Opec (40 cards) Paid
  6. Pabalie (50 cards) Paid
  7. marianneouioui (50 cards)
  8. Hermelina63 (12 cards) Paid
  9. Frankie (20 cards)
  10. Rowena2403 ( 20 cards)
  11. NancyV ( 30 cards) Paid
  12. Charluber
  13. Lilly1503 (20 cards)
  14. Gerard (Lilly1503 friend) (no cards)
  15. GreetRoobroeck (30 cards) Paid
  16. Malcarado ( 20 cards) Paid
  17. Lucky-Luke (20 cards)
  18. Christopher67 (10 cards)
  19. Lotty (no cards)
  20. AnnCarol ( 20 cards)
  21. Ferro ( 20 cards)
  22. Steven (no cards)
  23. Kathleen1963 (10 cards) Paid
  24. Postsmurfin ( 20 cards) Paid
  25. Stefaniex ( 20 cards) Paid
  26. DinoMino (20 cards) Paid
  27. Ejtodje ( 40 cards) + 3 kinderen ( enkel VM) Paid
  28. Chacha58 (15 cards) Paid
  29. ChanNo ( 20 cards) (restaurant) Paid

Yes please.

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I would like to join! Thank you :slight_smile:

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I would like to join this meeting🙂

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I would like to join. Thanks

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I would like to join tis meeting, it will be my first meeting.


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@Librije and @Bellonia Maybe this one you like too?

yes please, put me and @Frankie on the list please

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I would like to join this meeting as well.

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I’d like to join you, I’d come by train.


Greet is coming. Be there at the station. I come by train. See ya!!

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May I join? (I’ll come by train)

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Ik wil mij ook wel terug inschrijven. Ik zal per trein komen.
Als er een kaartje wordt ontworpen, dan graag 10 exemplaren.
Alvast bedankt om mij in te schrijven.

Please put me on the list.
I’m coming straight to the restaurant.
I would like to order 20 postcards.

I would also like to come.

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And also the card is avaible for order now.

@Mieke1985 @Jeke