Meeting Bokrijk - Genk - 20 july 2024

Hallo, voor mij graag de vol au vent. Kaarten 20 x A en 20 x B, als kan graag thuis ontvangen. Dank je

20 A en 20B voor jo
40 A en 40B voor mezelf.

Graag vooraf thuis eventueel samen met maria mieke en jo erbij. We zien elkaar deels eind juni vandaar of zouden ze er tegen dsn nog niet zijn?

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Lunch Vol au vent
Cards 10A 15B - I don’t really need them before the meeting but if it’s easier I don’t mind to get them at home

Hallo Kristin,
I choose the Vol-au-vent for lunch en would like 10 postcards A and 15 postcards B.
If possible keep the postcards until the meeting… I’ve already experienced a loss of 40 WPD postcards, don’t want that again :sweat_smile:
Dank je wel en tot later !

Hello Kristin
I would like 30 cards with the mill. May I have the cards before please ?
And for the meal, i choose vol au vent.
Thank you

I like the cards! For me please 15x A and 15x B. I like them being send to my home please. I like the salad for lunch. Thanks!

I would like 10 cards each, please. And the crispy fish for lunch. As for the cards to be sent to me upfront or not, I will have to get back to you on that.

Hi, can i swap?
I can offer cards from our meet up
or swap album

Or all cards on google

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Hello Kristin,
I like to order 10xA and 20xB.
Vol au vent for lunch pls

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Hallo Kristin!

I would like to order 10 postcards of each and for the meal, I choose vol-au-vent with fries :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Do you already have someone who wants to swap with you, otherwise I would be happy to do so :blush:

Hello, dear postcrossers!
I would be very interested in exchanging the beautiful cards.
My offers:

Have fun at the meeting and thank you in advance.

Hello. I would like to receive such a postcard. My offer

hi everyone! can somebody swap with me? I like the water card. Will be happy to offer something from Checzia)

Send me Your address and I will send You a card.

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Hello. I like this card.

Can somebody swap with me?
My offers

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@demi i like to exchange the card with you.