Meet up in Sydney, July 29 2023

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Sydney
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Book shop of State Library of NSW
:calendar: DATE: July 29
:alarm_clock: TIME:2pm - 4pm
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: We plan to share and write postcards and share experiences of printing postcards in Sydney


@movek Kay, what timing!

Very cute cards

Fabulous - thank you!

@1219Tina count me in! I look forward to meeting you 2 Aug and am definitely interested in the meet up postcards!

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If you change the date again or have another meet up planned please let me know!

Great venue, I will come. I would like to buy some of the meetup cards too. I am looking forward to meeting you and everyone who turns up.

The time has changed to 4-5pm

Governor Marie bashir reading room
Lover ground 2
Study room 4 (LG2)

State library of NSW

Hi Sophia,
I will be there earlier anyway. I am sure it doesn’t mean that we can’t meet earlier and chat or look around.
Thank you for letting us know.

See you then
We can find a cafe and chat

Thank you everyone who came to the meetup today. You were so generous with your gifts of Postcards, Washi tape, stickers and extras. Thank you very much! I loved meeting you all.
Stay safe and all the best

Whoops brain fart I thought this was on Sunday :person_facepalming: I’ll get it right next time

I will be glad to exchange ))
If my links never open, then I can offer Stavropol counter postcards and many other topics for exchange: foxes, bears, cities, food, flowers, birds, owls, wine Stavropol, famous personalities, characters and more.