Mediterranean Cruise

Anyone have experience mailing postcards on ships or while in port?

Planning a Mediterranean cruise and would like to mail cards back home to the USA (And to pulled poscrossing addresses) with a postmark from the different countries we visit.
We plan to port in:

Would you recommend buying stamps before online somewhere? Or in port, and what locations? I’ve read about finding their post offices but incase they are far from the docks I’d like a backup plan ready.

Are there cuising RR’s?

Any postcrossing while cruising advice is welcomed! :ship: :postbox:

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And here is an interesting topic for you :arrow_right: Requesting addresses while on a cruise ship

@Calisunshine - Most ports I have been to in the countries have post offices fairly close to the docks. Some, within walking distance. Others, you’d have to take a cab.
I always check with Google maps for post office locations before I travel and choose my postcard-writing ports carefully. I like to know I can find postcards right away, a cafe where I can sit for an hour or two writing cards, and a post office close enough so I can mail the cards and then still have time to wander around. For instance, are you docking at Ajaccio, Corsico? If so, it’s easy to find cards, find a cafe, write the cards, mail them, and still wander around for a couple of hours. It is also helpful if you first find out what denomination of stamps you need, in the local currency, so you can be prepared to tell someone who doesn’t speak English exactly what you need.
Have a great trip, and happy postcard writing!


Such a great idea to use Google maps to find them beforehand, thank you!

For Italy.
Look for buildings/shops with a T (=Tabaccheria). There ask for stamps (=Francobolli).
Double check the stamps. Italy now use letters (A and B) and zones. Search before buying the stamps on the site of Poste Italiane.

Hope i helped you .
Have fun