Maxicard postage query

I couldn’t find a clear answer answer to this, hence posting it here for wider reach.
I recently learned about maxicards and would love to send out as well as receive them. But I’m not quite sure about the postage situation with maxicards.
When we send out maxicards, does the value of stamp affixed on the front also constitute towards the postage?
For example, in India it costs ₹12 to send postcards internationally. If the maxicard has ₹5 stamp already affixed, how much more postage should I affix? ₹7 or ₹12.
I’m asking this because as I understand the stamp on the front is already cancelled and we can’t used cancelled stamp for postage.

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Hello @ajbasu
I moveryour questions to the maxicards chat, because there are people who can answer it.

I posted there already. Posting it here for wider reach.

Okay, but please in the future don’t post a question several times in different topics/categories.

It is question the mail post office India.

Check with your post office. Here in Sri Lanka, irrespective of the stamp value in the front we have to pay normal postage. Front stamp value doesn’t count.

At least here in the U.S., all postage must be placed on only one side of the postcard, the address side.

In Australia the maxicards are ‘postage paid’ and good for sending anywhere domestically or internationally without adding any more postage. So the only stamp will be the one that comes with the card on the front (image) side of the card.

So this is definitely a question for your national postal service. :+1:t2:

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