'Max cards' & 'maxing out'?


For a while now, I have been checking out profiles from people who I had to send a card to and those of who sent a card to me. On some of them, I’ve seen people ask for people to ‘max out’ on their cards or promise they will ‘max out’. But what does it mean?

I hope this doesn’t sound stupid. I’ve just never heard of it before.

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From just the title, I assumed this was going to be about maxicards (postcards ‘maximised’ with a related stamp and related postmark), but it sounds you’re actually seeing these phrases used.

Could you possibly copy over an entire sentence from a profile with this phrase for context? Without any further info, I would assume it means ‘put as much effort in as possible’ (max being short for maximum or maximise), but maybe it’s different in context. It could also be being used to mean ‘I’ve used up all my travelling card slots’ but I can’t think why people would be asking the sender to also do this — it would make sense to say as a demonstration of how much you love Postcrossing, though, like ‘Postcrossing makes me so happy that I always max out my cards’ (send as many cards as possible).

Without knowing anything else, it seems a little strange to me to see this on a profile. It would be more common in contexts like ‘I’ve maxed out my credit card’ (spent to the credit card limit) or ‘I’m maxing out my superannuation’ (putting as much money in my government retirement account as is allowed).


I’ve never run across this myself. Without context or background information, my first thought was that they were receiving free, or seemingly ‘cheap’, cards often, asking to be sent ones with a bit more … investment involved.


It sounds like they’ve run out of postcards.

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I saw something little similar phrase, and didn’t fully understand what they meant.
But I also thought: not to tear just a piece of paper, put stamp, write “here’s your card”.
(The profile was for a member in country, where postage is not so cheap for the sender, so they used the stamp price to the fullest.)

So a little like “as we are paying so much, I take full use of it, hopefully you too”.

That’s what I’m thinking too.

So please @stuetel can you please change the headline to something like
What means “max out” or maxing out"?

I’ve also read this in profiles in connection with the fact that someone wants you to write a lot on the card, so I thought…
max out = use the space completely

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Yes as I read this comment. I find that there is no need to “max” out your credits. Just ask the sender to send two postcards and register just one. I sometime do this cause I like mailing postcards.

What do you mean with this?
That I would ask someone send me two cards, I register one?
Thinking that normal wishes for card theme is sometimes thought demanding, I think such wishes, to get two cards, would definitely be taken so, like it were greedy.

Actually, I think this is about maximum cards (and not maxing out, a sentence which only one person in the whole Postcrossing website uses).

@stuetel You can learn more about maximum cards (also called maxicards) here: