Mariehamn & Kastelholm - July 22-23, 2021

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Mariehamn and Kastelholm
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Åland Distillery, Slottsvägen 143, Kastelholm
:calendar: DATE: Thursday 22 July (Meetup), Friday 23 July (Special Cancellation Event)
:alarm_clock: TIME: 17-21 (Meetup 22.7.), 10-17 (Special Cancellation 23.7.)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

We will gather for a meetup at Åland Distillery in Kastelholm, on early Thursday evening at 5 PM. Even it is a distillery, there are also bakery products, coffee, and other than alcoholic beverages. We will write our postcards outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather.

A special meetup postcard will be available.

On Friday, Åland Post will issue a stamp to celebrate Tall Ships Races. TSR was later canceled, or replaced by a smaller Sail Åland event. However, they will publish the stamp anyway. Also, a special cancellation to celebrate the event (TSR) is available, too. You must take your postcards to Mariehamn Post Office on Friday between 10-17. The designer of the new stamp will be there, too, at 10-12 and 13-15.

A picture of our meetup card, the new stamp, and the special cancellation:


Hi! I would be happy to exchange with you, if possible. My exchanger

Hi! I really want to exchange for your postcard. I offer a choice:

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Haven’t got a single postcard from Aland. Hope i can exchange with you

This meeting postcard using the Postcrossing logo do NOT comply with the logo usage rules

One of the rules of usage says: DON’T Put the logo on a red or blue background to prevent contrast issues.

You need to change the position of the logo or put it in a white border on this card please.

As a reminder please make sure that the Trademark notice is on the back of the postcards.

Please follow the logo rules.



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Logo rules HAVE BEEN followed, as always. :grinning:

The logo is NOT on a blue background. There will be NO contrast issues, the contrast on this bluish grey background is actually very high. If you look at the colors of the sea on both two pictures or the color of the sky on the top picture, they are blue, on which the logo is NOT placed as you can see. I guess the small preview picture doesn’t give justice especially if your device or screen doesn’t meet the standards of the print industry. I have used the logo in similar situations before, which are checked and accepted by Paulo before.

Trademark notice can be found printed on the backside, as always.

The postcard is already printed and ready to spread the joy of Postcrossing around the world. :hugs:

Thank you for your care. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi Aland fans,

I would like such a meetup card aswell: card/stamp/cancelation
I could offer three view cards from Iceland or three cat cards

Please PM me so we can arrange a swap

Thanks a lot


I would also love to swap for a card.
I can offer different postcards from Germany for your collection, e.g. women or beer-related.
Please PM me if you are interested.

Hello, I would love to swap this meeting up card. I have Guilin meeting up card .

If you will swap it with me, please PM me.
Thank you.

May I have a swap ?
offer: pc meet up | Flickr

Hello, can i swap ? My swap album:

So beautiful the meetup card!May I have a swap?

I have just registered and I am not quite sure how to use the site. - Much is still not clear :slight_smile:
I really liked your postcard, because it has everything that I love on postcards: sails, sea, horizon, lighthouse and seagulls…A postcard like this would be a wonderful start for my postcrossing. I am from Belarus and am ready to find something to exchange according to your interests :slight_smile:

Many greetings from Germany and happy postcrossing.
Your Meetup postcard looks amazing. I love it. :heart_eyes:
Would anyone consider to swap? I will try to send you a postcard that matches your wishes - touristic, Tausendschön, Inge Löök, Harry Potter, Lali, animals, quotes, series cards (GF, HPC, Wordcloud, COTW etc.) etc.

Hello! I would like to swap this card! I can offer our postcard from meet up in Samara

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Hello! Go swap!

Hello~ May I have one?

My offer: 冬怡的相册-Meetup card

Hi, can i swap?
I cam offer from out meet up or my swap album

Hi, :blush: May I swap these postcards with you? I have some from Madrid,Spain meetup.

Oh, I just found this post about that meetup. 3 years ago our plan wa to be at the Aland Islands for the TSR this year. But Corona changed our plans, as we do not want to use ferries at the moment. Due to rising amounts of Corona infections all over the world we will pass our holiday in Germany again this year. Hope you had a nice time. And we hope that the situation will be better again next year. We miss the Aland Islands so much.