Map doesn't match address

Hi! I just drew an address in Berlin, but the map is showing a place on the other side of Germany.
The profile does mention the user lives in Berlin so I will assume the address is correct to send my postcard :smiling_face:

But why is the map so far off?

I’ve noticed this with two of my recent travelling cards. My guess is that the map marker is set to the location that a member mentions in their Settings>City/Place field and not to the postal address.

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@qrulez ,

This is correct .
Everyone can fill in the location of the “letter box” themselves.
For example, I can also place the mailbox in Utrecht :wink: .


Maybe that user used to live in the place that is shown on the map and forgot to change the location when they moved to Berlin, or they didn’t realize that your address and your map location are not directly linked and you have to change the location, too.

I would not worry about it and just send the card to Berlin. :wink:

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Actually thanks for the tip. I changed my location. I found it uncomfortable having my location so public. So now I have location as the next town over.