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Sad news for our members in the Philippines


That’s unfortunate & disheartening indeed.

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It’s very sad.

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Such a pity… :pensive: :pensive:

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Oh yeah, I was about to post this yesterday.

But I was so heartbroken to think about it.

Anyways, there goes a part of our history which will not be recovered anymore, along with the stamps and postcards that I was suppose to buy this June.

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That’s sad about the building, and all the mail that must have been inside :worried:

At least no one died.

:sweat: :cry: :sob: that is very sad. Looks like a beautiful building. I’m glad no one lost their life.

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Its so sad

I’m sad about the incident at Manila General Post Office in the Philippines. I went there during my last November, and sent some postcards to myself, my friends and the postcrossers.

This is a postcard with the painting of Manila Post Office that I sent last November, and I sent from this building.

I’d like to share some pictures from this building that I took last November from my mobile phone during the Philippines trip. This building is quite classic.
Stamps and postcards were souvenirs that I bought a lot from there.

I hope this building is renovated with good renovation and decoration and become the landmark that represent the Philippines’ postal heritage again.

I went to the Philippines last November for the first time, because I like some Filipino stars so much now. That’s the reason why I visited the Philippines. I hope someday I visit the Philippines, and send some postcards from Manila Post Office again.


You can read online notes here for the Manila Post Office:

I spotted this photo of the recent fire at the Manila Central Post Office in my Guardian Weekly news magazine this morning. My best wishes to the seven people reported as slightly injured, the Philippine Postal Corporation, and all who use the service!


i was fortunate enough to have been there for a field trip from my school back in 1973. my father collected for over 50 yrs. me, not so much. truly a shame about the building. it was amazing on the inside as well.

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