Mailing seasonal or celebration postcards not in season

I ordered way too much Christmas (holiday season) postcards. I think I will have a few leftover after the Christmas season is over. My postcards do not have the year printed on them and I could save them but I like to order new Christmas postcards every year. Would you consider mailing “out of season” postcards? Are you a postcrosser that would like to receive Christmas postcards all year long? Or any “seasonal “ postcard throughout the year?


Consider sending them through the Christmas cards tag. People there send cards throughout the year, out of season


I have come across a few postcrossers that wish for Christmas cards any time of the year, but except to those profiles I personally would not send Christmas cards out of season. It feels a bit weird, but that may just be me. :wink:


I’m not fond of any holiday cards, but I’ve known lots of people who absolutely love receiving Christmas postcards all year round.

I would save them for next year. Even when you normally order new ones each year, you don’t have to do so (obviously), so next year they might feel new, when you put those away, and don’t see them. Almost like saving money. I have a separate box for christmas cards. Only when someone wants these all year, I might send one, but not every time, as it feels weird for me to open my “christmas feeling box” :smile:

But, there are surprisingly many who like these all year. In some countries these are rare, so it can be very interesting to get one. Also for me it would depend on what the card is like. If it’s a bird in a snow, that’s wintery too, or bird-themed, maybe illustration etc. If there’s a moon, someone who likes moon themes, will probably like it.

As a receiver, I like when it’s somehow fitting, like I have received nice illustration.
But if it’s a christmasy greeting written and sent in for example June, I feel like I were sent only some leftovers, sadly. Maybe it’s not the case, but that’s how it makes me feel.

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You could also offer them for swaps in the offer section of the forum, I think many would be interested!

At the main menu scroll down to “trades, request, offers” then “postcards”


Thank you all for the ideas. I think I may be one of those postcrossers that don’t mind receiving a holiday card throughout the year. Happy holiday everyone.:heart:


For me it would depend on the picture too. So a wintery theme is fine in winter, Christmassy them in Christmas periode. For exact that reason I bought Christmas postcards and winter postcards. Also for people who mention in their profile that they don’t like Christmas/holiday cards.

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