Mail to China (2022 temporary suspension)

Not arriving means still in progress of travelling, but not meaning lost.
These postcards will still arrive, just taking some time. If you have no patience on time, then why bother exchanging postcards here?

However, now apparently Chinese users are punished and have become victims.
If some people have complaints about China Post, just contact China Post about the speed affairs. Not contacting China Post but just suspending Chinese address, only makes Chinese users annoyed and upset.

By the way, it is hard to say whether China Post is to blame. My postcards and packages from Japan to China arrived just fine this year. It could possibly be the faults of post systems in the sender’s country.


Almost all the postcards I sent out arrived safely. I recently sent five more postcards and six envelopes. I believe they will arrive soon. Moreover, I recently received a letter stamped with China Post disinfection on the outside of the bag envelope. They will be disinfected in the postal processing center to prevent the spread of the epidemic to China. A month ago, when my Beijing was blocked, all ordinary express deliveries could not enter the community and wait for people to go downstairs to pick them up, and only China Post could enter the door of the community twice a day! This month, I have received at least 10 postcards or letters inside and outside China. You can say that the management in China is relatively strict, or the speed of China Post is relatively slow, but it must not be said that China Post lines have been unilaterally blocked due to slow speed or other reasons. Ridiculous.


I don’t think it’s a wise decision. I am still waiting for postcards from foreign friends every day, and I am also taking every postcard to be sent seriously. I believe most Chinese users do. In early June, Shanghai resumed the work of the international mail exchange, which had been suspended due to COVID-19. It is incomprehensible not to allow Chinese users to receive postcards after the restoration! I’m sorry, I was offended!


It’s unfair to block Chinese users for slow travel mails. If you are going to use this method, you may need to block many small countries on this world.
You should using the them methods for all the countries, not only for China. That doesn’t make sense.


It’s ridiculous! Stop a route without a vote and not even a time limit is ridiculous! Do you imply that the route to China will be locked as long as you’d like? Cause there’s no ending time described in the post! The suspension is unacceptable!


I think what you are saying is a bit ridiculous. Every other country in the world has a bad postal service but China’s is fine? And this is true even though most countries are able to efficiently get mail to countries other than China? Come on. Your personal experience aside, admin has the stats and there is a clear problem right now with China’s incoming mail. I’m not sure how you can deny that.

It is no use for somebody outside of a country to complain about another country’s postal service or government. Obviously, if change is to occur, it is the citizens of that country that need to demand it.

In any case, I feel badly for the Postcrossers in China. But at the same time, there is really nothing Postcrossing admin or users can do to rectify the problem for them.

I also find this statement quite silly. By your logic, nothing is every lost, only missing. Some of this mail has been “traveling” for over a year. I don’t think one should expected to be patient for that long. At that point, I think it’s safe to say there is a problem.


This is not a democracy. The admin don’t need to take a vote before making decisions. I am picking up on this only because it has now been mentioned a few times. You can disagree with the decision, surely, but there is nothing wrong with the decision-making process.


I too understand the logic of this decision. China Post has enough on its plate without having to deal with postcards from abroad, which , let’s face it, lack the importance of other mail in most peoples eyes, and may not be given priority treatment given the current circumstances.

I don’t care how long it takes for my cards to China to get registered - my concern is that so many never get registered at all. But this has been the situation ever since I joined this project in 2013.

Due to this decision 100 per cent of Chinese Postcrossers are no longer receiving postcards. The decision was made when the stats showed that 95 per cent of Chinese Postcrossers were not receiving postcards in recent months. So any complaints made about this situation should have come before now. Attacking the Postcrossing team for actually trying to do something about it does not impress me at all.


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This is what is irking me as well. The decision was thoroughly explained and obviously not made lightly. The total disrespect that is being hurled at the admin in this thread is hurtful. They are just trying their best to keep this machine running as smoothly as possible.

This decision was literally just made. Please give the admin the time they need to execute it before complaining about how they have done it.


Not a democarcy, you people talk about democracy in all topics except this one.
The admin made the decision without even informing users that might be affected by this decision. What about those just send postcard and have no interest in viewing any posts? Just fraud them to send and wait for nothing?
By the way, the usual way for suspending is with a time limit. There is not a description about the start and stop of the suspension. Is this the usual way in your place???


You have not commented on anything in 11 months. Admin regularly reads and responds to the forums. If you want your opinion heard, come and join the conversation regularly. That being said, how do you know that they did not consult or consider Chinese users when making this decision? I think that is incorrect.


You’re always kind to every postcrosser! Becca! :laughing:


I thought the 60 day rule was there to cover this sort of thing. No need to cancel a whole country because of malfunctioning post. It happens.


Did you have a research on the reason of failure part of international mail this time?
Is there any announcements on China Post is not receiving international mails right now?
If there is not, please just stop the simple conduction that all the problems are because of China Post. International mail s is a huge system, so every part can have failures.
By the way, in the past, some people were killed because they said Earth is not the center of solar system bacause others think Earth is the center of Universe. I am just curious that whether similar thing will happen again.

I do not see what reason stands for your “obviously”. Are you just imagining?
Many Spanish users contacts their post system for the raise of postage. Has there any changes occured?
The receivers cannot contact China Post because they cannot prove that there are postcards to them not arriving.
The truth is, the sender can contact the local post office and ask for an investigation on why the mails are not arriving. However, are sender’s doing this?

Got your point. You mean that it takes a long time so you don’t want to wait.
My question again is, if you do not have patience on waiting, why bother exchanging postcards here?
You can get a platform called PostcrossingEU, I am sure it would be quick and efficient.

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I am using your post @GonePostal1840 to ask a question. You have brought up an interesting question that I don’t mean to ask to you specifically but to all those opposed to this decision. How many years do you think is acceptable for mail to travel before you see that there is a problem? You seem to be saying it’s ok for it to routinely take a year, as is the case with China now. Is there a point at which you would agree it’s not ok? Like 2 years, 5, 10?


In fact, I am a new pc user and i really look forward to receiving postcards and letters from other coutries.
I have heard about something from the postofficer in my neighbourhood. Due to the covid-19 policy, no one except for the residents can enter the residential area. As a result, post officers cannot deliver letters to your mailbox, letters are stored in the post office.
I am trying to contact the post officer to figure out how to do with my letters.
I think maybe we can still send cards to Chinese users if they have checked that they still can receive letters instead of rejecting everyone?


Well, Chinese users have said that there have been large delays because of extra COVID measures and I choose to believe them. The admin has posted statistical evidence saying that there is a problem specifically with China Post and I have no reason not to believe them. And the OP is filled with more carefully explained data that I also seem credible. Did I go out and write a thesis paper on it personally? No. Did you?

I am not from the EU so I don’t see how that would be helpful. I also love this community and the admin and the way they run things is largely the reason why. To answer your question, no, in the year 2022, I do not want to wait over a year for a piece of mail to arrive to its sender.


For me, I don’t mind receiving postcards from other countries later because I know I will get them. I send postcards out all the time, and even if I don’t get them, it makes me very happy to see that a lot of people get the postcards I send and they like them. If the platform suspends the address to draw from China, then my sending loses its meaning.


That true, there’s a time I sent more than I received, but i am still happy about it :blush: I am also thankful for people who write to check if I receive theirs, I am patient on waiting. But it will be sad that I keep sending and no one send me postcards….