Mail to China (2022 temporary suspension)

Thank you for supporting China💓

Oh dear! I always write the address using Chinese symbols, if the profile provides it and I never lost a card to China. In fact, my longest expired card is to Germany, more than 340 days already.


Hi @PurpleYing! Maybe you aren’t seeing all the postcards that you were supposed to get? I have one out to you that is expired, alas.

And remember, the problem compounds; when my card to you expired, your address was put back in the pool, doubling the number to China.

Anyway, I was so happy to see that you got a big batch yesterday and registered them! It gives me hope for my expired ones to China!


Why are we angry?

  1. No consultation with PCers in China
    2. Directly banned the address, no email notification
  2. Can only be sent but not received
    4. There is no standard for the time and blockade of the unblocked address (for example, the reception rate is less than 10%, and the number of members is more than 100), which means that it may be blocked forever.

Between mandatory inactivity mode, multiple email reminders, and banned addresses, I think the former is better. For example, if the police come to your house to search, if he shows a search warrant, he is legal and compliant; because he is a policeman, he can enter and exit at will, which is called trespassing. Now we can invent postcards, but we can’t give people the address. There are still many Chinese users who do not know about this matter. POSTCROSSING stipulates that for every postcard sent, another person will send it. It is unfair to us that the number of postcards that belong to us cannot reach us.

@alpski_popotnik According to my discussions with several other users, I think this incident is mainly due to the collapse of the international mail processing center caused by the Shanghai epidemic, which has resulted in the accumulation of international mail in the entire East China region and caused an abnormality in international mail across the country. Because the post is mainly handled manually, the reduction and transfer of personnel after the epidemic is one of the major reasons. Now China’s international mail is mainly supporting first-tier cities to prevent a complete collapse. And in a small city like the one where I live now, the authorities are no longer able to take care of it. Some people asked why they didn’t complain about the post office. The main reason was that the root cause of the matter was when the country entered the country. The matter was too small to attract attention, and it was useless to complain about the local.

@obdh 那位是中国人


The situation is recovery now.Here is the proof of recent regist mail route.From Croatia. See for yourself.

Can I be a bit of interpreter, may @paulo forgive me :sweat_smile:

Means admins do not support country blaming-shaming and do all in their power to delete hurtful comments (since the team is small it takes time). The political posts on the thread were off-topic and were deleted because of that (admins were saying before that the political discussion are better to be handled in PMs)

Means respect for all Chinese users and for all who are affected by temporary mail delays. The decision is motivated mainly by statistics and similar decision are implemented towards other countries (Ukraine or Finland) on the regular basis without even letting users know, because the suspensions are so short. So actually making Chinese postcrossers on the forum aware of technical tweaks postcrossing team makes is showing how much team cares about one of the biggest part of our community - China.

Seems, that mail is picking up, so I hope it will be few days when 60% of cards will be delivered (60% is mentioned with the Ukraine postal situation as sort of threshold, as I presume) and the short suspension will be lifted. 60% is a standard, probably? Or something like 50%+?


Why should I do that now?


I’m also curious about that and would like to see on the website information such as 60-/90-/120-day moving registration rates, kinda like a stock graph :chart_with_upwards_trend: :chart_with_downwards_trend:

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I’m sure if the team never published the above, Chinese postcrossers wouldn’t have even noticed, with the long delivery times with China Post.

How hard is it understand this is Temporary and NO ONE is being punished!


It is not fair for Chinese users! It’s slowly not can’t reach. You did a worse decision. Did you realize that Chinese users take a large part in this group!

Your post not only affected Chinese postcrossing members, but also affected other postcard swappers. when we try to swap postcard on other platform, there are a lot of people seeing this and thinking that China Post is not sending mails now, so they stop swapping with China.
Actually even the speed slow down now, i can still receive most of the mails from overseas. I just wonder how these statistics come out and why my only way of entertainment (swapping postcard) during such a desperate time period is being deprived…


I’m very sure that enough people would still swap with Chinese postcrossers, Tags and RRs etc are open to all Postcrossers, too.

But if the majority of cards to a country will only arrive after they’ve expired it’s a problem for the officials (as the person’s are still due a card, their address is given out again etc) and automatic suspensions hitting both senders and recipients due to not registering on time. Resulting in more support work for the small admin team.

It doesn’t matter for swaps at all, there are no such automations etc. We may wait patiently for those. Personally I’m happy to still send non official cards to Chinese postcrossers and hope the backlog of official cards will soon be resolved and the routes restored.


I started Postcrossing in April and one of the first 5 letters I was able to send was to China, but I’m sad to say it hasn’t arrived yet.
I feel like a stranger if they stop sending to my country.
I’m still a newbie, but if I’m in a similar situation, I won’t have time to be sad because even if I can’t receive the message, I can still send it somewhere else in the world!
That’s the mission of postcrossers!


I hope so…Anyway I already saw some people saying that they stop swapping with China on Instagram. I just feel frustrated about this situation… :cry: :cry:


Thank you for explaining your decision so thoroughly, Paulo!

I feel really sorry for the Chinese Postcrossers but I also understand that you can’t make a vote about this kind of issue when you’re responsible for a big project like Postcrossing. As Paulo pointed out, the not-arriving of postcards also affects the senders; it’s necessary to weigh both sides. As the statistics show proof of a problem, I comprehend that ignoring it longer isn’t a solution.

Honestly, it makes me truly sad that some members keep attacking the admins, although they really explained their decision. I understand the frustration, but it can’t justify some of the harsh replies.


I can probably get fired from my job for posting this (so don’t tell on me), but this is Austria postal development this week:

(Due to backlog we have to suspend mail to China - hope to reopen asap, doing our best)

So there is a real problem out there, no mean hateful conspiracy.

As always, emotion is not the best answer to a development, esp. to a decision that no one involved made carelessley.


Actually is it possible to apply an expiry rule differently to senders and recipients?

  • For the sender, after 60 days, a slot becomes open to draw a new address.
  • For the recipient, after 120 days, their address is put back into the pool for matching.

Whatever it is, since forum membership is still optional, everything that one needs to know about Postcrossing should be made available on the website.

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I’m shocked and sad to see all the abuse and insults going towards the admins who put so much work into a platform that is FREE to use! Where is the respect for the people who had this vision and brought it to life for ALL of us to enjoy?

China used to be one of my favourite countries to exchange with because of the polite members with beautiful penmanship, artful decorations and great quality postcards and stamps. I missed Chinese exchanges a lot during the pandemic and was very excited when the postal routes reopened.

But now I have seen what this community really thinks about my country. Thanks for opening my eyes to this.


Once again: the update is not anti-Chinese. A year ago, Postcrossing suspended Russian addresses for Finnish users because the statistics showed that for some reason Finnish postcards are not being delivered. We appreciated the diligence of the admins. Once the backlog of postcards started to reach their destination, the route Finland => Russia resumed.

Please understand, Postcrossing treats all countries equally. :heart:


I trust the decision of the admins as I am sure it was based on data. My personal story: I stopped doing private swaps with China because my cards never arrived. I did get the ones from China, though.