Mail to China (2022 temporary suspension)

@paulo Hi paulo ,you might wrong.In the first link it said it closes the Shanghai, Changchun and Yanji mail processing centres.But,now in China it has more than 10 mail processing centres.


Thank you so much for all you do. Clearly, your hard work can sometimes amount to a thankless job but so many of us truly do appreciate your efforts and respect your wisdom on these topics.


He answered this in great detail in the post directly above yours.


I second your statement, littlesthobo!


Just a biref conclusion on Paulo’s reply:
Based on some “convincing” reasons, the team wants to suspend Chinese address, so they just suspended Chinese address. There is no need for discussion, votes or notice in advance.
(Personally, I have no comment on whether it is appropriate about this practice. )

However, I do not have many hopes due to the following reasons:

  1. There is no clear standard. Users do not know conditions of reopen. That’s to say, it is all up to the team.
  2. Though there is a vote that says 3/4 of users find it not making sense for this suspension, the team chooses to ignore. Then what can be worse?

I know the team may not to mean this, but for Chinese users, it just look like “we only need your cards for free and you do not deserve receiving one”.
However, sadly it seems difficult to think from the perspective of others.


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He only said " as soon as we see clear signs that the already traveling postcards are indeed being delivered and the backlog is being cleared, we will restore the route. " There is no standard about the definition of the “being delivered” it’s unconvincible


Thanks for the explanation.
Hope the situation gets normal soon :pray:


I guess the topic of private swap inside the forum should kind of be covered or be clear?
I know is each of person’ s own action. But this announcement has affected peoples attitude on private swap as well. I have experience “stop” because of this announcement. And I can also see people from other platforms say no for Chinese user based on this announcement…Isn’t it unfair? Plz be more clear on some of the explanations. And how about Tag? By somehow it feels like we are suspended from all the activities because of this stop announcement. Isn’t that sad?


It makes sense to me. Admin has said: When Chinese deliveries get closer to their usual standard in terms of percentages received, Chinese addresses will be given out again. It is estimated to take a few weeks to get back to normal.

I really do think this is the best explanation you are going to get. I know you were hoping for better but this is the best they can do for now.


I hope when Such things happend to other countries.especially in your country, you can still hold such neutral altitude.Otherwise that is called double standard.


Could you please give me the detailed data standard that when will you stop the suspension. I believe you have thought about this thoroughly before making this controversial decision, right? So, what is the standard?


If I were in the situation where, due to the decisions of my government, 95% of the Postcrossing cards sent to me were delayed (virtually indefinitely in all probability), I would inactivate my account until things improved and also add a note to my profile to the effect that anyone who had a card travelling to me for over 60 days, or 100 or whatever should contact me with a request to register it. I know that this is breaking the rules, but given the circumstances, it would be the fairest thing to do for the Postcrossers who had sent me a card in good faith. I would also expect the team to do to Australia what they have done regarding China.

I have four cards travelling to China, none expired plus one recently registered by the Postcrossing team due to address issues. It will be interesting to see if they ever arrive


I feel the same way. If, hypothetically, Australia had the statistics that China currently has, I’d fully support a temporary suspension. People asking variations of ‘what if this was your own country’ as if this is a ‘gotcha’ question are being a bit disingenuous.

On the general matter, I hope for a return to normal for everybody ASAP :slight_smile:



Maybe we can infer that the decisions (to suspend or to cancel the suspension) about Ukraine are made based on statistics too. And I believe that everyone, including me and @littlesthobo , won’t be angry or begin to regard it as reasonless targeted behavior.
Why do you be angry? I prefer to receive cards later rather than know that many cards are lost or damaged on their way. Cards are painstaking efforts made by senders which costs both money and heart, so why do we keep the address distribution only in order to make the 5% can still receive cards, while the cards to the rest 95% will be lost?

When will the suspension be canceled?

The suspension without enough reason can’t be good for both the team or the users, isn’t it? So Postcrossing have no reason to keep the suspension when the situation is actually improved (based on statistics). In a word, admins will cancel it as soon as most of the cards traveling now are registered.
By the way, if the words of “the block down is canceled and the delivery is recovered” makes sense, it will influence the statistics in the next several days.:relaxed:

I am waiting for the improvement of the situation.:heart:
@paulo @meiadeleite and more people working for this system, thank you for your work during this hard time.


Hi Paulo,

I am very sorry about the decision. I do not believe this issue has been fully discussed and agreed upon by the whole PC community.

What I can update you is that the worst situation (when Shanghai, a main distribution centre was in lockdown) is now actually behind us, and mail is slowly picking up and recovering. It does not make any sense to effectively ban our Chinese users at this time.

Hope you consider our view,

Yue, from Nanjing, China


I understand your decision, but if you set detailed data standards for when to suspend and detailed data standard for when to stop the suspension, and apply them across all countries. I’m sure there won’t be so much controversy.

Can we get the answer for the detailed data standard when to stop the suspension?


So could you please send an email to every Chinese postcrossers to let them know your temporary suspension of Chinese postcrossers? Everyone have the right to know such event!!! Not every Chinese postcrossers use forum😅Thank you🌷

Also, Thanks a lot for each postcrossers from other cointries who say something for us❤️


Looks like such a cooperative approach is also applicable to China’s case.

Sorry to hear that.As you know,due to the impact of COVID in Shanghai.The Shanghai exchange office shut down.So almost every mail to China will be send to other exchange office such as Guangzhou and Beijing.So we faced a delay problem.Recently Shanghai is recovering so I think this problem will be solved soon.
I also want to say thanks to Postcrossing because everyone gave us help since the impact.China is now facing a challenge and I hope everyone can still support us by swap postcards or in other way.So I hope this problem can be solved ASAP.I also hope @paulo and other administrators can cancel this suspension ASAP