Mail themed Christmas decorations


Just wanted to share a few mail themed Christmas decorations on my Christmas tree.:christmas_tree:

Please feel free to post photos of any mail themed decorations from your tree.:christmas_tree:


My family has this stamp-themed ornament from our trip to London four years ago. It’s very similar to the one you showed!


Lovely decoration, perhaps they were part of a set. Thanks for sharing.

*update: initially posted this before a kind moderator moved me here. Didn’t know there was already a great topic in this!

While out shopping today, I found these two interesting Christmas ornaments which I couldn’t resist buying! On one side they have the appearance of a postcard and on the other a Christmas scene. I thought they were so interesting and I started wondering if anyone else had found or come across any Postcrossing themed or related ornaments. There have to be more but these were the first I have seen. Curious to see :blush:.


These decorations are wonderful.:christmas_tree:

I have a few more mail decorations to add to our tree this year.