Mail Handling

Anyone besides me notice a massive increase in damaged cards arriving? Makes me sad! Not any country in particular but all of the cards I’ve been receiving.


I heard that the US sorting machines are the worst. I have never received badly damaged cards but a lot of cards from the US look as if they had a hard time.

Personally, I haven’t noticed a change, it’s always been a challenge, and always for me the postcards coming from the U.S. seem to be the most likely to have awful scars on them. When I lived in the U.S. I had even more problems (i.e. countries from which sent cards now rarely have damage often had damage when I lived in the U.S.), so I would agree that also in my experience the U.S. machines are especially hard on postcards.

The USPS is not kind when it comes to mail handling. Nearly every card I receive gets a good scuffing. It is quite the opposite with European postcards. Looking at the picture side only, you sometimes can’t tell whether it’s been mailed or if its’ Unwritten.