Mail delays in Europe?

Have you noticed any delays in Europe lately? I have a few cards traveling for almost 2 weeks to neighboring countries. A letter to an Italian city that is 200 km far away from me took a month and a half to reach its destiny. However, my cards and letters to the US are arriving pretty fast. There are no announcements of disruptions here (except for Ukraine and Russia).

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I sort of have.
I have a postcard travelling to the Netherlands that is taking way more than usual, from Norway. Currently at 31 days.
And another one from Norway to Finland that is travelling for 14 days (although the recipient hasn’t logged in the last 6 days, so it could have just not being registered yet).

I’m not complaining, none of them are taking a lot, but it is a bit more than usual for those two countries when sending from Norway so…

Yes! Post from the Netherlands to Germany usually takes 3 or 4 days. At the moment some of my postcards to Germany are traveling more then 10 days…

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Hmm not really…I started postcrossing this month and have 2 postcards that took less than a week to arrive (Germany and Bulgaria)

Mail from and to Italy has been very slow in the past months I received a postcard from USA after more than a month.
The situation for incoming mail seems miraculously improved (only 4 days from Germany and 5 from USA), but apparently we still have problems for outgoing postcards.

… currently all my send postcards seem to have a delay, no matter where they go (from Germany), US and Russia and others.

I send 2 cards germany to netherland 1 card 122 days the second card traveld 56 days. My wife send one card to netherland 4 days what is normal.

Since last spring, I have noticed that from Finland to Germany it takes longer time than before. It’s long time since cards got there even in three days, normally it took about 5 days. Now, the fastest ones goes in one week and average travelling time has gone up to week and a half.

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Yes, I think UK to Germany has slowed down in the last six months. We used to regularly have the same fast times that you did, but now a week to ten days is the norm.

I’m sure a lot of it is to do with Covid.

My cards to Germany usually get less than a week. However, I have one traveling over 44 days now… And no doubts about the recipient, who is extremely active.

Same for me as recent cards from and to Germany were each just over two weeks, instead of 7 - 10 days.