Mail average time taken?

Out of curiousity, and generally speaking because I know it will be different depending on the country, but how long does it usually take mail from Australia to arrive in other countries these days? Is it generally pretty quick between 14-20 days or does it usually take longer?

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Mine might be slighty different to other Australians as I’m in Tasmania - so mail generally takes that extra few days to arrive/leave the island.

I’d say the month mark (30 days) is a pretty safe estimate. You do get the occasional German postcard that will take closer to that 14-20 day mark. My postcrossing stats for my top 20 sent to countries:

I live in Canberra. Whenever I throw a card in the mail, I think it’ll be at least three weeks before I hear anything.

For the period from January 2023 until the present…here are a couple of my average send time stats:

Country: Av sent days: Number sent:
UK 12 5
USA 23 68
Germany 21 63
Japan 20 10
Finland 33 9
Netherlands 40 12

So yeah…three weeks…plus.
And my formatting didn’t work. Sorry. The first number after the country is the average number of days it took for the card to travel from Australia to that country. And the second number is the number of cards I sent in that 15 month period. I chose the period starting in January 2023 (until the present) as the Covid travel times were wacky and things are a bit better now.

It really depends, to be honest! I’ve got a smaller sample size but I agree with a month being about average… unless it’s coming from China, in that case give it two/three. My average says a month for getting here but the site doesn’t account for swaps and my swaps from China tend to take a lot longer!

I use darkmode, but here’s my site averages:

Thank you everyone, I appreciate all the answers and data. :smiley:

From @Classic
I receive mails in 24-30 days or previously it took 2 months, but now it’s getting Faster

And recently received a envelope from Australia sent on 12 March, and received on 9 April

Alright, I had some time available and I sat down and calculated the average times of my Sent and Received Cards, based on continent.
Since Postcrossing does not let you export the stats in tabular form (at least not that I know of), I did this manually…
The results for the latest 50 or so cards were:

so its definitely around the 30 day mark then for most places sometimes a little less sometimes a little more. Thats interesting! thank you for the data.

I guess that means if I send something out and it takes a month to get there, and it takes roughly a month for me to receive after my address is released (and that only happens after my card is received by someone), it means for every card I send it will take probably six weeks to two months to get one back? does that sound right? depending on a lot of factors of course.

one of the reasons I asked, was I am trying to space out my sends (due to the cost) to hopefully space out my receives so I get something roughly every week instead of all at once lol I know it doesn’t always work like that, but knowing how long it can take helps. Thank you!