Lunar New Years

I pre-ordered the new US tigers but also have some of last year’s oxen. Would it be ok to use both together? Is there anything in Asian culture that disaproves of mixing them? Just wondering…


You will have a good point if you send cards with tiger and ox stamps altogether on the day of lunar new year’s eve or somehow make them arrive on the day of lunar new year’s eve, namely marking the annual change of Chinese zodiac. Otherwise, it’s generally fine, no serious offence but slightly odd, FYI.


Thanks…I dont have to mix them, have plenty of other stamps to use but they both look nice and I often use old stamps on my cards


I thought it was your concern, anyway. If you don’t mix them, then it’s better not to use ox stamps around this lunar new year('s eve) in order to avoid a link between the stamps and Chinese zodiac. Using them on other days can circumvent this.

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I reckon it is fine to use both together.
Hong Kong Post makes the “pair” on sheetlet every year like this:


Philippines has similar minisheet

I like that Australia made this sheetlet after probably every complete cycle.


Very interested in the responses here. Coming from a Chinese culture, I never thought anything of mixing them. I often combined the Year of the Ox and Rat stamps on my postcards this year, love how the aesthetics match since they both are designed by Camille Chew.

I stumbled upon this thread today and I was recently wondering the same thing! I think I may use the USPS tigers from 2022 with the rabbits from 2023 :tiger: :rabbit:

I don’t really like the new Lunar rabbits so I’m using some from the last time instead

Don’t worry just use them. We like to receive Chinese Zodiac stamps from different countries. And some people like to receive their birth year stamp. Like me was born in Rooster Year, although 2023 is Rabbit year, I am still happy to see Rooster Year stamp on my card. But user needs to show their born year so you can count which are their birth year:)

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