Louis KillJoy's USPS gift for World Postcard Day (1 October)


Need I say more?


Cripes…can’t somebody fire this guy?!


How is he still in there after all that hubub during the election?


He was installed in a way that makes it difficult to remove him. It was all part of a larger, systematic plan to destabilize the PO in the long term (and voting by mail in the short term) for the eventual privatization of the PO. But the PO is specifically established in the Constitution, so not sure it could be privatized. In any case, I will be delighted to see his replacement.


They’re going to solve the high employee turnover by…[checks notes]…further cutting their hours.

Cool. :expressionless:


America is the new Russia…
While the Russian post is getting faster, USPS slows down.

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I herd about this a lot earlier in the year and am annoyed by the fact that mail is going to take a 4 days to a week to get to it’s destanation in the united states. I wish they can find other ways to do things beside slowing down the postal system.

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The REAL reason for the rate increase:

(“could wrap around Earth 1.6 times…” would that be in their stretched or unstretched form?)


Argh, it looks like it’s another round of letters to my Congress people. Probably won’t chance anything but as long as we keep raising a ruckus outside of the forum it’ll show them that we are paying attention and holding them accountable

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@hamsun right you are. navel gazing will only get us so far.

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@jeffbh Right you are! Rubber aint cheap!